Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dunwoody Restaurant Stories in the news.

Takorea's golgi nachos with tortilla chips, meat, jack cheese, jalapeños, tako salad, sour cream and red pepper sauce

7 Dunwoody spots that put this city on the culinary map

Sometimes outshined by another DeKalb County town beginning with a "D," Dunwoody has long been looked upon as home to the Perimeter Mall with hoards of mega-chain restaurants in tow. Dunwoodians have made strides in shaking off the dastardly OTP stigma and chain persona in favor of a more cultured and local feel. In the years since releasing Ryan Seacrest into the wild, the land of families, swim and tennis clubs and hyphenated roads is evolving into not only a nicer place to live, but also to eat.  Click link above to see the list.

Get in Ma Mouth: Philly Cheesesteak Edition

When Creative Loafing tells me about a restaurant a mile from my house that I haven't tried, I had to stop by.  Read the article linked above.

Dave's Philly and Water Ice
5020 Winters Chapel Road
Dunwoody, GA 30360
(678) 587-9253

My wife calls me an indiscriminate omnivore but I really enjoyed the "sammich" at Dave's Water Ice at Winters Chapel & Peeler near the Shell Station.

Nice prices on the Ice Cream & Italian Ice flown in from Philly.

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