Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thank you to Ms. Sydnee Cohen for painting the Little Free Library at the Brook Run Playground.

Thank you Sydnee for stepping forward to assist with this project and for providing one of the first works of  public art within our park.   After stopping by today to see Sydnee's fine work, we need to find a way to keep this box stocked with children's books.   I have filled it twice but the Children's books seem to be borrowed more than they seem to be dropped off so maybe a solution could involve the next Friends of the Dunwoody Library book sale?

If you have excess children's books that you would like to donate to the cause, I am sure a child would enjoy what ever you have to offer.  

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Pattie Baker said...

BRAVO!!!!!!! This citizen-led public art was done by a teen! Thank you, John, for putting the call out for a volunteer, and BIG thanks to Sydnee for sharing her time and talent! And how cool is that the hottest items in our city are children's books? This gives me hope for the future :)