Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An invitation to a Grand Opening was converted into feeding many in need - Thank You Sprouts Farmers Market, Atlanta Community Food Bank & I Care Atlanta

At the new Sprouts store on Roswell Rd with Carl Jaffer from the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Josh the new store manager at Sprouts and Joyce the receiving manager and Anthony Delgado of I Care Atlanta

I Care Atlanta, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization devoted to ending homelessness by providing resources and emergency assistance to the working poor and homeless men, women, and children in Metro Atlanta and surrounding communities. We provide the link between the stores who have the food and those who need it.

My good friend Audra Anders of the Aha Connection copied me into an opportunity to possibly promote the new Sprouts Farmers Market that just opened in Sandy Springs so that I could make the community aware of the new store as well as the grand opening celebration they were about to throw.

As the store is in Sandy Springs, a bit away from the city border I decided to pass on the opportunity but then I thought of somebody who should be there in my place.

My friend, Anthony Delgado the Founder of "I Care Atlanta" whom I have mentioned several times previously operates a local non-profit aimed specifically at ending hunger and assisting members of the Dunwoody Community. I asked if Mr. Delgado could visit in my place and asked if it would be possible to find out if Sprouts could assist I Care Atlanta by donating food that has surpassed the sell by date so Anthony and his team could feed hungry people in need.

Below was the reply that I read with a huge smile across my face .....
Hello John and thank you for your interest.

We learned that I Care Atlanta is a Feeding America partner of Sprouts through Atlanta Community Food Bank. The Atlanta Community Food Bank will assign I Care to receive the donations from our new store (five days a week). The donations will begin once the new store opens and I Care will have a chance to meet the store team prior to the Grand Opening. We have reached out to Mr. Delgado to share the information and invite him to visit the store.
... as I realized that with just one simple email I was now the link that may have fed a few people who wouldn't have eaten otherwise.

Thank you Dunwoody for allowing me to make such connections on your behalf.

PS: September is Hunger Action Month sponsored by Feeding America and I was communicating with Kathy Malcolm Hall the Executive Director of Malachi's Storehouse which is an Emergency Food Assistance Program housed at St.Patrick's Episcopal Church, Dunwoody via Twitter when I saw them hanging spoons - so I thought I would show my support in that fashion too.  Happy Spoontember.

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