Thursday, September 17, 2015

Real Housewives of Dunwoody Village as told by the 1991 video Making of Modern Atlanta.

The Making of Modern Atlanta was an eight part TV series put on by WPBA back in 1991 and the Award Winning (I'm not jealous) Atlanta blog, Pecanne Log did a nice recap of the videos. 

Well lo and behold, the suburb of Dunwoody was prominently featured in episode three as being the "ultimate suburb" in 1991 with the blue-blooded, "Real Housewives of Dunwoody Village" regularly wearing black tennis outfits to funerals.  (I heard the joke before but never knew the origin.)

“We like the look of the Williamsburg look here in the middle of Dunwoody Village, but I guess since I’m a child of the ’70s it bothers me that everything would have to be exactly the same. When Turtle’s built a new building they had a purple awning on it and some of the Dunwoody people are fighting it, and I just think there’s so many more important things to fight about than a purple awning to wreck the Williamsburg look. I just say relax about it.”
If you are interested in watching the entire series, below are the links to the first four.

the making of modern Atlanta episode 1

the making of modern Atlanta episode 2

the making of modern Atlanta episode 3

the making of modern Atlanta episode 4

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