Sunday, October 25, 2015

Always happy to talk Dunwoody City Business - here are a few intersection questions from Facebook

Yesterday I was sitting around a campfire with a bunch of neighbors on the shore of Lake Lanier making smores and telling stories.  During a lull, a friend asked if it was OK to talk City Business?   I laughed, thanked him for asking and said of course, it's the hobby I love and I'm always happy to talk shop.  One question turned into several and before you knew it we had 10 people talking about Dunwoody traffic patterns, shortcuts, fixes desired and then a drawn out conversation on four laneing roads vs if you build it they will come.

Anyway, I seem to get questions all the time - some I answer immediately and some I pass to staff but I try to follow up the best I can.  In case you weren't sitting around a campfire with me, here's a few I received and answered via Facebook, though I much prefer email communication as Facebook is not easily accessible to Open Records review.

Here is another.

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