Monday, January 11, 2016

Dunwoody hosts Public Forum on Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update - Tuesday

Dunwoody Library
5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The City of Dunwoody is updating its Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update to guide future growth for recreational facilities and activities over the next several years.  This will be a critical component of the development of future facilities, programs, and services.

The city will host a public forum meeting open to citizens on January 12, 2016 starting at 6:00 p.m. in the Williams Room at the DeKalb County Library - Dunwoody Branch (5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338.) Your answers and opinions are very important to us as we plan our future growth for recreational facilities and activities over the next several years.

Attendees and participants will discuss a series of topics and questions related to the city’s parks and recreation future. Your input at this public meeting enables us to collect valuable information to shape your parks for your future recreational needs.

Points to remember...
  • This an update for all Dunwoody Parks & all sections of city.
  • With the accumulation of additional park land on Perimeter Center East this space now has more possibilities and there has been discussions regarding a park under the Marta tracks near the Dunwoody Station.  Should the City keep looking for new park opportunities?
  • What services or amenities are missing from Dunwoody & surrounding cities? If you currently drive 15 miles away for girls gymnastics or can not find a kids lacrosse league, would it make sense for Dunwoody to offer those programs?
  • We have a $4 Million dollar settlement with DeKalb that will be spent at Brook Run Park.
  • Possible items missing from Brook Run are more restrooms, children's water features, basket ball courts, tennis courts, sand volleyball, picnic pavilions and a 1,000 other suggestions.
  • We have 30 acres of open space at the back of the park - what is the best use of that space?
  • We have proposed an IGA to partner with Peachtree Middle to maintain & use open fields - unsure of status of DeKalb School Boards approval?
  • Austin Elementary is to be rebuilt on Roberts Rd with one option being mentioned is the site of Dunwoody Senior Baseball in Dunwoody Park.  If Austin is built there, will Dunwoody Senior be able to play at Peachtree if the IGA or some other agreement is made?
  • If we don't want to rely on partnerships to share land, should Dunwoody be looking to install large flat active play fields at the back of Brook Run for Lacrosse, Soccer and other field sports?  Would it make sense to install artificial turf to maximize the hours of available playing time?
  • If the back of Brook Run becomes active with playing fields, should they be lit for night time play?
  • Public / Private Partnerships for more than just land sharing are also an option.  If we wanted to donate or lease land to someone like the YMCA or the JCC to construct and operate a large gym facility in order to offer gymnastics or a natatorium; that could be done. 
  • The Brook Run Trail has been wildly successful, should the City be looking to expand this into a network of other paths?  Should we be looking to connect neighborhoods where we can with such recreation paths? If so, where.
  • Both indoor and outdoor public spaces are needed to offer various services and amenities.  A Dunwoody City Hall conversation might be happening in the coming year and should we be discussing what we want in a City Hall as part of this current recreation discussion?  Items that could be included in that public building might include a Performing Arts Center as well as a Senior and Community Meeting Spaces.
Please attend on Tuesday and make sure you voice your opinions.



Jay said...

I'll try to make it to the meeting. Regarding bullet 4, Brook Run is begging for some type of outdoor fitness gym. Would like to see something for kids, but also some for adults (chest press, lat pull down, 'moving' equipment, not just the stiff and uncomfortable sit-up things).

It looks like quite a few companies make outdoor fitness equipment.
--this kids equipment, particularly the easy-to-use pullup thing looks good:

other companies:

I can't find a single pullup bar to work on pullups or attach my suspension trainer. Something like this would be nice:

I think this would get used, but moreso if it's located together, not one piece every quarter mile scattered around the park.

Heyward said...

I wish this meeting was not at the same time the Planning Commission's meeting on the Dunwoody Village Townhomes project.

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...
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Jay said...

Unable to make it due to child activity meetings, but I look forward to reading minutes whenever posted. Thus, I post some ideas here instead.

Outdoor fitness area at BRP would be nice. You imply that artificial turf would allow extended playing time. My research indicates that artificial turf (aka fieldturf) has a much stronger 'lobby' than natural grass--but numerous cities have not been happy with it due to cost/warranty issues. From what I read, fieldturf gets dangerously hot on hot days. I'm not sure if fieldturf actually allows extended usage.

The JCC is re-doing their fields now to improve drainage (staying with natural grass). IMO, grass is the way to go--but do it properly from the start, haul in sand, make sure drainage is set up properly.

Wish we had more Wells Fargo ATMs in Dunwoody, but probably not much you can do about that.

John Heneghan said...

Jay you will be happy to learn that outdoor gym equipment is in the process of being installed (close together) along the trail extension at Pernoshal Park, close to the basketball court and Pickle court. I don't know the brands but guessing good research was done and believe you will be happy when you see them. Heyward, I understand your frustration that you & others might not make it but there will be other ways to voice your desires and those details should be coming out tonight. Jay, I am no expert on what to install when it comes to real vs artificial grass nor for anything else on the list. I just put my list out there to remind the community of some facts ($4 million settlement, new parks, etc) and to foster conversations on options for the community.

Jay said...

Thanks John! I guess my main point is for you and the other council members to not get immediately bamboozled by the fieldturf group. I don't think they have any clear advantage over grass, but I think that grass too needs some initial site work beyond just grading and planting. Otherwise it can have poor drainage and remain muddy longer than normal.

Looking forward to Pernoshal path being done,