Thursday, April 14, 2016

City publishes Spring Dunwoody Digest newsletter

Most Dunwoody mailboxes should be receiving this 12 page color document filled with great information but I wanted to point out one date change that happened this went to the publisher.  On page five there is a nice article regarding the planned official grand opening of the Park at Pernoshal Court but the date was changed from April 22nd to now April 29th.

Another point was that the City Council has already earmarked additional funds for street paving therefore we should be able to fulfill our original list that is published on page nine of the document as well as most of our supplemental list for 2016.

Kudos to Mr. Bob Mullen for putting this newsletter together.


Gail said...

Do you know if the Dunwoody Digest will be mailed to condo/townhouse communities or just subdivisions? If we will not receive them, is there someplace I can pick up some for our residents?. Thank you!
Gail Handler
Dunwoody Court Condos

Jay said...

I notice that the pdf says that the Pernoshal grand opening is 4/22, but Dunwoody's website says it's on 4/29.

John Heneghan said...


The city confirmed that the Dunwoody Digest is distributed to a Dunwoody residential mailing list of approximately 19,500+ residential addresses which includes single family homes, condos and apartments.

If you need to pick up more I think that Mr. Bob Mullen the City Communications Director might have a few extra, just reach out to him if needed -

Jay the event is scheduled for the 29th.