Monday, September 19, 2016

Dunwoody Mayor Shortal will host a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday at Dunwoody Baptist.

  Dunwoody Baptist Church
1445 Mt. Vernon Road
Dunwoody, Georgia
Tuesday September 20th
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

What topics would you like to hear discussed at the 2016 Town Hall meeting on September 20?

Below are selected questions and some answers from my personal perspective; staff and others will be on hand to correct me if my links were off base (I do this late at night).  I am sure the staff is researching each question raised in advance and the Mayor will have more complete information on Tuesday Night.  Please raise your questions on the website and then come out to the town hall on Tuesday to share your priorities with the Mayor and other elected officials.

Thank you for continuing to add sidewalks and bike lanes giving us options other than driving. What is being done to police our cross walks (particularly Mt Vernon @ Stratham) , add additional crosswalks, and keep drivers out of bike lanes? Enforcement, driver education efforts, and additional signage (stop for pedestrians, bike lane, etc.) are needed. Also, what is the final plan for bike lanes on Tilly Mill just North of North Peachtree. It would be significant missed opportunity not to include them as we redo that section.

Would the city council be interested in having a Statement of Purpose, similar to what most organizations and businesses have? Something like: "The purpose of the City Council of Dunwoody is to preserve and improve the property value of the residents of the City of Dunwoody" If every decision the Council had to make were subject to this or a similar statement of purpose the Council would be fulfilling their obligation to the voting citizenry, but maybe not to the Chamber of Commerce.
  The city of Peachtree Corners, very quickly after incorporation, invested in their land closest to District 3 along Winters Chapel Road. This area has a lot of pedestrian activity, yet has very few pedestrian amenities such as protected crosswalks and signals, bike lanes, benches, parks and landscaping.   What plans does the city have to either partner with Peachtree Corners or to independently improve "our side" of Winters Chapel Road in terms of aesthetics and safety?

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