Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dunwoody City Council to review Perimeter Center Zoning changes.

Friday October 7th - 11:30 am
47 Perimeter Center East, Suite 400
Dunwoody, GA 30346 

During the 2012-2013 Zoning and Land Development Code Rewrite process, City Council determined that the unique characteristics and needs of the Perimeter Center area required additional study through an independent process.  The current study was initiated to review the area and establish PCID appropriate zoning districts that would ensure continued high quality development as the area transitions from a suburban commercial district into a more contemporary, urban center. As a function of this study, the city is considering development tools in the form of new zoning districts and an overlay district that will provide the proper regulations and incentives for future redevelopment.  The draft documents propose the most intensive development in the PC-1 district located at the core of the PCID area, with less intensive development spreading through the PC-2, 3, and 4 districts.  The proposed changes consider the most likely and appropriate areas for development and address protecting surrounding single family residential neighborhoods. 

This work session, the third presentation of the study to the City Council, is to determine if the proposed development policies and scenarios in the draft documents are consistent with Council’s vision for the area.  In an effort to bring closure to the study which was initiated in late 2014, by the end of this year, staff has advertised the zoning changes for consideration by the Planning Commission on October 20th. 

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