Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Items of interest that have crossed my Dunwoody City Council desk.

"Not my real desk, as I work behind makeshift folding tables in my basement."

The City of Dunwoody is holding a two-day retreat planning meeting on Thursday & Friday in an old farmhouse in Sandy Springs as it might inspire us to see what the Donaldson-Bannister house could be someday.  The agenda is sparse and documentation is light but if I get more on Wednesday I will post.

Proposed zoning changes to go in front of Dunwoody Planning Commission on the 14th

1. DRAC responsibility in the Dunwoody Village Overlay.
2. The applicability of the residential infill (contextual regulations).
3. Prohibited variances.
4. Home Occupations.

Dunwoody Project-Program Activity Update  -  City staff and departments are actively managing ongoing projects, programs, and initiatives throughout Dunwoody. From infrastructure improvements to construction projects and departmental efficiency measures, staff is focused on strategic coordination and management. Following is a high-level, bulleted summary of key activities from the past several weeks and being coordinated over the weeks ahead.

Dunwoody High School Student City Council conducts park survey and possible plans for Austin Site.

RFP 17-02 Dunwoody Green Commercial Site Development  -   The Dunwoody Urban Redevelopment Agency (URA) hereby solicits invitations from qualified developers to submit proposals to partner with the URA and the City of Dunwoody for development of approximately 2.5 acres pf property at 4600 North Shallowford Road at the intersection of North Shallowford Road and Dunwoody Park. The property is located within the City's designated Urban Redevelopment District.

ITP 17-01 2017 Street Resurfacing

RFQ 17-01  Design And Plan Development for Chamblee Dunwoody Road Multimodal Improvements from Womack Road to Roberts Drive

Dunwoody, Georgia has been selected to participate in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a major study of the health of persons living in the United States. The National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is conducting the door to door study to do household interviews and standardized medical examinations in a mobile examination center.  Dunwoody Police is aware and they do not need City permits.

James Dwyer is a Dunwoody stud, a cross country legend and my neighbor who now works at the Southern Company to bring green energy products to Atlanta.

Wrap your head around this... in 2016, the City of Dunwoody had close to 2,300 open records requests.  We also have a position available to be our Records Clerk so if you are interested, please apply. 

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John Heneghan said...

The February 14 Planning Commission Meeting is CANCELED. The text amendment scheduled to be heard at the meeting will now be heard at the regularly scheduled March 14th meeting. After speaking with some members of the commission, the Community Development Director has determined that this extra time will be beneficial in ironing out some details with the amendment. As stated in the memo, tutors and music teachers are now allowed as home occupations and the intention is that will not change. Numerous Dunwoody residents also worked on the residential infill regulations and we would hope that this issue is vetted by the community prior to the March 14 Planning Commission meeting.