Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Baby Driver - Dunwoody sets the scene for an August bank robbery & Director Edgar Wright discusses tax credits in Georgia.

Movie Trailer

The City of Dunwoody, Georgia actively markets to the film industry in order to highlight our diverse filming locations as we believe filming brings employment opportunities, tourism, hotel occupancy, and general economic development to the city.  The latest Edgar Wright film was just premiered at the South by Southwest conference & festival over the weekend and it is expected to be the summer blockbuster film when finally released widely on August 11th.  Take a look at the trailer above as it is filled with big name actors, high energy action and great music, therefore it shouldn't disappoint if you like this type of film.

In researching this movie I came across an interview that the Director, Mr. Edgar Wright gave just yesterday where the last question of the interview asked about the filming location of Atlanta.   Governor Nathan Deal and members of the State Legislature need to hear this one interview question by scrolling to the question about 31:45 in.  Georgia was picked as a location primarily because of the tax credits offered by the State and then it was scenery and location but the primary reason was purely economic. 

Film and TV production professionals know that Georgia is a Camera Ready state, with highly desirable financial incentives, location diversity, production resources and professional support to make any size production a true success.   The City of Dunwoody, Georgia has been used in numerous films, we are film friendly and we are looking forward to being able to be the backdrop of future productions.

Tax credits were the reason this movie was shot in Georgia - go to 31:45

Newspaper side article cracked me up.

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