Monday, March 6, 2017

Dunwoody High School Football Schedule for 2017 & notes on the program.

Dear John,

“Don’t let the thing you have control over be the thing that beats you. Always outwork your competition.” Tandy Geralds (Woodlawn)

Our football players have been working hard and are realizing huge gains.

I guarantee you that you will see a stronger version of Dunwoody Wildcats Football this season.

The thing that makes me smile the most is the fact that we have 23 eighth graders participating in the strength and conditioning program at 6:30 AM, three days a week …

Go Junior Wildcats!


We are asking each player to raise a minimum of $200.

This fundraiser is specifically for our summer program and will be used to pay for camps, 7on7 events, etc.

On Friday, March 24th @ 5:30 in the gym, we will have the boys complete their Dead-lift and Power Clean maxes.

The 24th will be open to all parents and donors to come out and see how well the boys are doing and cheer them on.

Please help us to make this event successful.

My wife (Denise) and I were eating a Greek salad and calzone at Empire State Pizza and Growlers and everything is always so tasty there.

I tell the owner (Todd) that he really should think about bottling his Greek dressing.

Empire State Pizza is a Wildcats Football sponsor and the football players like to eat there on Thursday nights for the 50 cent “wings”.

Empire Pizza is located at the junction of Peeler and Winters Chapel Roads and is well worth the drive.

Please support those that support us.

And finally ……..

Wildcat Classic Golf Tournament - June 6th

We are ready to go …. More details at the following link;

Wildcat Classic Golf Tournament

Go Wildcats!

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Susan said...

Why can't we ever be lucky enough to get a bye week during Fall Break?