Friday, March 31, 2017

Involved DHS mom reached out to the @TheEllenShow asking for a little extra love for an outstanding Dunwoody High School program.

It's not every day that I tweet out to celebrities asking for financial assistance for school programs, but today was I touched by an involved friend & DHS parent who did, therefore I followed up to make sure the full story of the Dunwoody High School Wildcat'fe was told and that the love we show each other in our community was highlighted.

Below was the text I sent in the application and Ellen if you are reading this, I'm looking forward to that hug.

Dunwoody High School, is a DeKalb County high school located in Dunwoody, GA and like all schools, it has limited funding and provides for basic learning but there is a program there that needs a little extra attention.  The Dunwoody Wildcat'fe is a small cafe run by the special needs students.  The program has totally outgrown the small oven, small refrigerator and the one coffee pot has to make about 8 gallons of coffee for the 2 hours the cafe is open! We cannot possibly keep up with demand at this point. The Wildcat'fe encourages socialization, work skills, living skills and it supports community activities for our special needs students.

Here is a video about the cafe.

And here is a video about the love for the students who work at the cafe.

A friend of mine, Tina Walden has already nominated the school cafe but I wanted you to see the love we have for our students, therefore I entered not increase the entries but instead to share the videos.  Please watch them as they talk to the character of this school and our community.

Ellen, if you could please assist us in the upgrade of the cafe, we would be forever grateful.

Thank you,

John Heneghan
Dunwoody City Council