Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Scoutmaster Barry Deutsch honored for life saving good deed.


I can not say with certainty that my friend Mr. Barry Deutsch actually saved a man's life but I can tell you that Barry routinely goes beyond call of duty serving his community as a leader with Boy Scout Troop 477 where he has taught leadership & service to hundreds of young men within our community.  Barry and his wife Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch took it upon themselves to search for the missing man and Barry acting on a hunch, climbed down a deep ravine where he found the man injured by the fall seven hours previously.

Though the Dunwoody Police Department and the Boy Scouts of America honored Mr. Deutsch for this specific act, in my book Mr. Barry Deutsch is an everyday hero who unselfishly gives of his time and talents to make this a better community. 

Thank you Barry for saving this man's life and thank you for all you do in our community!!

PS:    Lynn - you rock too!

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GaryRayBetz said...

"Heroism is heroism, regardless of the timeframe or the backdrop." - Mark Waid

Yes indeed Barry Deutsch is a hero, and not just for that heroic incident but for role-modeling integrity and responsibility for the young leaders of tomorrow by his volunteer work as a scout leader. Yes, Barry Deutsch makes our community better - much better!