Monday, September 11, 2017

Dunwoody Power Outages and Downed Trees are widespread throughout the City - assist your neighbors if you are able.
Georgia Power Outage Map - Click Map Above

City of Dunwoody Update - 6:00 am Tuesday

The Dunwoody Police Department and Public Works crews have cleared as many locations as possible in the city and are awaiting further assistance and help from Georgia Power to address remaining dangerous power lines and trees.

1. Tree and wires down on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd at Dunwoody Knoll 09/11/17 at 1509 **UPDATE** Chamblee Dunwoody Rd will be blocked on both side from Harris Dr. Anyone on Dunwoody Knoll Dr will have to travel through Roberts Dr.
2. Wires down 1400 Block of Summerford Court. 09/11/17 at 1549.
3. Wires down 5100 Block of Mount Vernon Way. 09/11/17 at 1549.
4. Tree down 5500 Block of Woodsong Trail. 09/11/17 at 1549.
5. Large tree and wires down on Brookhurst Dr and Dunhaven Rd. 09/11/17 at 1620
6. Tree branch on power lines at 2140 Dunwoody Glenn 09/11/17 at 1654
7. Tree and wires down on Brendon Dr near Dartford 09/11/17 at 1715
8. Tree and wires down on Mt. Vernon Rd at Dunwoody Village Pkwy 09/11/17 at 1731 **UPDATE: Cones are in place.**
9. Wires down on N Peachtree Way and N Peachtree Rd 09/11/17 at 1736
10. Tree down on Old Springhouse Ct at 09/11/17 at 1744
11. Wire and pole down at Nerine Cir and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd 09/11/17 at 1811
12. Tree, pole and wires down on Mt Vernon Way at Summerset Dr. 09/11/17 at 1931
13. Tree leaning on power lines on Withmere Way at Barcroft Way. 09/11/17 at 2154

***Traffic Lights Out***
N/ Peachtree @ Tilly mill
Tilly Mill @ Womack
Tilly Mill @ Peeler Mt.
Vernon @ CDR
CDR @ Womack
Mt Vernon @ Dunwoody Village Parkway
Mt. Vernon @ Jett Ferry
N. Peachtree @ Peeler
Mt. Vernon @Mt. Vernon Way
Mt. Vernon @Vermack
CDR @ Old Springhouse
CDR @ Cotillion Dr

Dunwoody Police Department and the City of Dunwoody will continue Emergency Operations Center (EOC) efforts to respond efficiently to all of the weather related events in @DunwoodyGA.

Georgia Power Update from 6 pm Monday

Hurricane Irma continues to impact service to Georgia Power customers across the state. The company is responding to these outages where possible, but in many cases our approximately 5,500 personnel from the company, other Southern Company operating companies and assisting utilities must wait for the high winds to subside before they can safely make repairs to our system. As expected, Irma has taken a more westerly track than was predicted on Friday.  All of Georgia, including the Metro Atlanta area, is experiencing high winds and heavy rains.  As of 5 p.m. Monday, there are more than 900,000 customers (almost 50% of our total customers) without power in Georgia and over 7,000 individual cases of damage (including broken poles and lines) the company is working to repair.  The damage and outages are widespread across the state with the hurricane impacting service to customers around Savannah, Columbus, Metro Atlanta and beyond.

Over the last few hours, conditions in the Metro Atlanta area have deteriorated rapidly with steadily increasing wind speeds.  As expected the winds have caused outages in our area to increase significantly.  Currently Hurricane Irma has interrupted service to nearly 400,000 customers in the Metro Atlanta region.  As the higher winds move through the area this evening, we expect these numbers to increase.  As you may recall, we made the decision to hold all Georgia Power resources at our local offices so that we can respond to any damage in metro Atlanta. Once conditions are safe, our crews will begin to assess the damage and begin repair to our system and restore electric service to our customers.

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