Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Georgia Power has been notified of various trees on power lines and City of Dunwoody crews can not work until cleared.

Four trees on Brookhurst down, power on the ground & pole will need to be replaced.

Georgia Power is working their service list based on their various priorities (public safety, granting access for fire trucks to isolated roads with limited access points, number of people affected, etc). Once Georgia Power clears the line out of each work zone, the City of Dunwoody has a crew assigned to follow and clear the street.  Therefore to alleviate any chance of a communication breakdown, if you see Georgia Power truck working a major outage but don't see a City of Dunwoody crew ready to clear the road, the Public Works Director has asked that a call be placed to the Dunwoody Public Works after hours number of 678-382-6700 notifying them of the work being done.

Dunwoody is striving to clear the roads as fast as possible but we are waiting on Georgia Power in a number of locations.    Thanks for your patience.   John
Update to Dunwoody from Georgia Power

After weathering one of the largest storms to hit our state, Georgia Power continued with restoration efforts today. Power outages associated with Hurricane Irma impacted nearly 1 million of our customers all across Georgia. As of 7 p.m. Tuesday, we have restored service to approximately half of those customers. Currently, there are about 470,000 customers without power in Georgia. The Metro Atlanta area has seen similar gains in restoration today, reducing the number of outages to around 200,000 of which ~50,000 are in North Metro Atlanta. We plan to move additional workers into the area tonight and will continue to assess and make repairs based on our assessment tomorrow.

We understand that many of your constituents are frustrated that their power has not yet been restored. The damage and outages to our system are widespread across the state, and in many cases the damage is severe. This is an unprecedented event for our state, and resources are stretched thin as utilities respond to two major storms that not only impacted our state, but also devastated parts of Texas and all of the state of Florida. While our crews are working around the clock to restore service, customers should plan ahead for extended outages that may last for days, and in some cases weeks due to the vast damage from the storm.

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Edye Disner said...

Thank you for the ongoing communication. This is next to our house and we have been concerned about the live wires as a safety issue. Loss of power is simply an inconvenience that we can handle.