Friday, November 10, 2017

City of Dunwoody plans to spend $3.3 Million on Paving in 2018

In the past 8 years the city has resurfaced over 140 lane miles which is just under half of the total lane mileage that the city maintains. Beginning in 2017 the city increased funding for paving to further reduce the backlog of neighborhood streets in poor condition. This higher funding level has been projected through 2021 in the plan presented herein primarily to offset expected higher paving costs. For the last two years the city’s paving bids have reflected increasing prices and it is anticipated that prices will continue to rise due to the strong demand created as a result of substantially more funding flowing to transportation projects at the state and local levels.

In the updated plan Tilly Mill Road and Valley View Road have been pushed back to 2019. The Tilly Mill Road paving needs to be done when the planned sidewalk is constructed between North Peachtree Road and Womack and that project is not expected to be fully funded for construction until 2019. On Valley View Road the city recently learned that the county plans to replace the sanitary sewer in addition to the water main and that the sewer work may not be completed until later in 2018. With the deferral of these two roads several neighborhood streets were moved from 2019 to 2018 as noted on the attached paving list. In prioritizing neighborhood streets, the plan continues to group streets by proximity and rank groups by their composite pavement condition index (PCI) and maintenance history.

In early 2018 the city will obtain new pavement condition ratings for all of the roads in the city to replace the 2013 ratings. Because some roads deteriorate faster than others as reflected in the condition rating, it is advisable to wait until the new assessment is completed to set paving priorities beyond the plan that has already been developed through 2021. Therefore a fifth year has not been added to the plan as it has been in previous years.

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