Monday, November 13, 2017

Dunwoody Tree & Shrub Planting Plans for N Peachtree, Peeler & Tilly Mill intersection.

As construction of the Tilly Mill Road and North Peachtree Road intersection project is nearing completion, the city developed landscape plans to replant open right of way and easement areas. The planting plan includes over 150 trees and 400 shrubs and I wanted to make sure the affected neighbors are aware of the plans therefore I am posting them here as the City Council packet from this evenings meeting was missing the details.

 8.22.17  Arogeti Residence Sht.T-3.pdf
 8.22.17  Kingswood UMC Sht.T-1.pdf
 8.22.17  Kingswood UMC Sht.T-2.pdf
 8.22.17 Peeler and N. Peachtree Landscape Sht. T-1.pdf
 8.22.17 Peeler and N. Peachtree Landscape Sht. T-2.pdf

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