Wednesday, November 8, 2017

J. Tom Morgan Seminar at Dunwoody High – Thursday, November 30, 2017 - Ignorance is No Defense

J. Tom Morgan, author of the book Ignorance is No Defense, is coming to speak to students at Dunwoody High School to offer valuable information about the laws that govern underage drinking, drug use, driving, and more. In his seminar, he will discuss information about Georgia laws and consequences for violating those laws as they specifically affect teens, their decisions and consequences.

J.Tom Morgan is a nationally recognized expert on the prosecution of crimes against children and served as the District Attorney of DeKalb County for twelve years. His book has sold thousands of copies and has been newly revised to reflect updated laws in Georgia. He has presented many times in Dunwoody schools over the years, and we are happy to have him back again. More information can be found on his website:

On Thursday, November 30, students will attend one of two 50 minute seminars in the DHS gym -- at 8:30 am or 10:00 am. Parents are welcome to attend either session!

Parents, if you prefer that your child not attend the session with J. Tom Morgan, please email Mr. Jameson at

Through real-life examples, Ignorance is No Defense explains Georgia laws to teenagers in easy-to-understand language. With a primary focus on criminal laws, Ignorance is No Defense not only describes what the law requires but also teenagers’ rights under the law. Author J. Tom Morgan, a highly respected former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer, provides straightforward information and valuable insights to help teenagers avoid violating the law and avoid being victims of crime.

“There are only four states in the country that treat our teenagers as adults when they’re 17, and Georgia’s one of those four states,” said Morgan, who has spoken to many thousands of teenagers, was on the U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, and chaired Georgia’s Child Abuse Prevention Panel.

“I testified before the Georgia legislature last year about raising that age to 18 to fit with the rest of the country, and I’ll never forget what the legislator said: ‘Oh Mr. Morgan, we can’t do that because we don’t want our constituents in Georgia to think we’re soft on crime.”

Morgan said he represented two girls—one 16, one 17—who together shoplifted less than $100 worth of CDs and DVDs from Target. Because one was lawfully an adult at the time, the crime was on her permanent record, while the 16-year-old didn’t have it on hers.

“You’re criminal history starts on your 17th birthday and stays with you until the day you die,” he said. “Don’t screw it up.” (WestCobb Patch - March 2011)

PTSO will be selling Mr. Morgan’s book, Ignorance is No Defense, at both presentations and in the front office after the presentation through December. Books are $10 each and we will accept cash or check made out DHS PTSO. If you cannot attend the seminar, please pick up a copy of this book. It offers invaluable information about helping your teen navigate Georgia law as it applies to them!

Note to all parents of teenagers, no matter what school - I highly recommend this book and then conversations must be had with your teen!  I am a big fan of this presentation as I have posted about it every time time it comes up and am very happy that this information is available to you once again - please take advantage of it.   John

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Tom Taylor said...

For anyone who has not had your teenager to this, this is an awesome presentation by a great guy.