Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday March 26th

Monday, March 26th
Dunwoody City Hall
4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Update From DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester.

Administration of Oath of Office to Officers Nathan Daley, Theresa Hernandez, and Slade Mehas.

FIRST READ: Ordinance to amend Chapter 4 - Wine Brokers.

FIRST READ: Ordinance to Amend Chapter 4 - Brewpubs

Resolution in Opposition to HB 876.

FIRST READ: Ordinance to Adopt City Budgetary Policies.

Resolution to Amend the 2017 Operating and Capital Budgets.

Resolution to Amend the 2018 Operating and Capital Budgets.

SECOND READ: RZ17-01: David C. Kirk of Troutman Sanders LLP, attorney for the owner, on behalf of Grubb Properties, owner of a portion of 41, 47, 53 Perimeter Center East, Dunwoody, GA 30346, seeks to rezone the property currently zoned O-I (Office-Institution) District to a PC-2 (Perimeter Center) District also seeks a special land use permit to: A) Section 27-104(f)(2) to permit a Development of Regional Impact; B) Section 27-104-6 to allow multi-unit residential, rental; and C) Section 27-105b to modify the build-to-zone of a general building.

  • Scaled back in phases - now requesting pase 1 with 198 units in a high-rise building that will start as apartments and all will then be converted to condos within 5 years with 600K in possible penalties to education (I prefer the Dunwoody Community Association (Wildcat Fund) vs giving case to the DeKalb County School System), if units are not converted.  There is also a 30 day deferral to clarify latest proposal.

SECOND READ: RZ 18-01: David C. Kirk of Troutman Sanders LLP, attorney for the owner, on behalf of Deneb Holdings LLC, owner of 4685 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, GA, 30338 (Delido Apartments), seeks to rezone the property from its current RM-100 (Multi-dwelling Residential-100) District zoning classification to a RM-75 (Multi-dwelling Residential-75) District.

SECOND READ: Review and Consideration of Text Amendments Regarding Fences and Walls


Paula Caldarella said...

John, what are the odds those apartments will be converted to condominiums? I'd say a small chance. Is this the developers way of getting around Dunwoody's "no new apartments" stance? You know the stance we all voted for when we voted for the City of Dunwoody? What are the financial ramifications if the developer fails to follow through? Just the $600,000 to an education fund? I agree the funds should not be provided to DCSD. There is no way to guarantee those funds would be spent on Dunwoody cluster schools.

Also, these apartments will affect the overcrowding, not just at the HS level, but at Dunwoody ES and PCMS. Wouldn't it be more feasible for the City to administer the "education fund" rather than the high school's fundraising arm?

Just some thoughts.

John Heneghan said...

Paula thanks for the comment, there are still lots of questions by Council on this proposal that need to be flushed out but we have heard from numerous financial institutions that obtaining funding for condos is very difficult but it is easier for apartments. There is a risk of this conversion process not happening but if Council wanted to improve the housing mix to include more condos which might allow you & your husband to move from the big family home to single level living it should be explored with a critical eye. The developer has a big piece of land and wants much more from us long term therefore as a condo developer they would have great incentives to follow through on the conversion process.

When I saw the "penalty" going to DCSD, I shook my head saying we'll probably never see that returned to the community therefore was looking for a local financial instrument to put those educational funds to use in order to assist various funding needs and I discovered that the charter of the Dunwoody Community Association (Wildcat Fund) is actually there to support all schools in the cluster not just the high school. As far as the City banking the money, I guess that could happen but was looking for other alternatives if they existed; long story short we hope that we don't see that money but that being said if the money came to the city it would be easier to enforce rather than the Wildcat fund demanding the money. Nothing will be decided on Monday - just discussion so please keep the ideas coming. Thanks again.

DunwoodyTalk said...

John, what if developer simply handed over $600,000 to Pam on Monday? Would you vote yes?

John Heneghan said...

Nope. Rick I have provided you all the documents that I have so I would be interested on your thoughts on the proposal, pro / con; suggestions for the future for proposals like this. What would like to see done? Thanks

Paula Caldarella said...

Thank you for your response John. I look forward to more forthcoming information from the developer and the city. I'm not a "no growth" person. I understand we need growth to assure Dunwoody's financial future, but I just am leery of the apartment issue. I hope the type of development being proposed does not "open up a can of worms" for other developers to follow.