Monday, July 9, 2018

Is it time to allow architectural changes to Dunwoody Village Overlay? Planning Commission Hearing - Tuesday 6 pm

Planning Commission
Tuesday, July 10th

Dunwoody City Hall
4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30338

I'm hearing there's a community buzz regarding Tuesday night's planning commission meeting with the proposal of allowing architectural changes to Dunwoody Village. 

Review and consideration of text amendments regarding the Dunwoody Village Overlay (Chapter 27).

SLUP 18-01: Archie C. Wanamaker, owner of 5419 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338, seeks the following Special Land Use Permits from Chapter 27: 1.) Sec. 27-97(e)(1)(e) to allow for steel headers; 2.) Sec. 27-97(e)(2)(a) to allow for a flat roof; 3.) Sec. 27-97(e)(2)(b) to use a light colored roofing material; 4.) Sec. 27-97(e)(2)(e) to remove any roof projections; 5.) Sec. 27-97(e)(4)(a) to allow black framed all glass doors; 6.) Sec. 27-97(e)(4)(d) to allow square window sections; 7.) Sec. 27-97(e)(4)(f) to allow for non-double hung windows; 8.) Sec. 27-97(e)(4)(g) to allow for square window panes; 9.) Sec. 27-97(e)(4)(h) to remove requirements for shutters; 10.) Sec. 27-97(e)(4)(i) to allow for the use of steel channel headers; 11.) Sec. 27-97(e)(4)(j) to allow for windows to be less than 20 inches above grade; and 12.)  Sec. 27-97(I)(1) to allow for the removal of the landscape island on the mitered corner of the building per the conditioned site plan (SLUP 16-101). The tax parcel number is 18 366 05 009.

On July 1st, the City of Dunwoody Community Development and Economic Development Directors visited the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Meeting to discuss the changes being proposed to the overlay requirements of the Dunwoody Village area. Most of the conversation relates to changes on allowing a greater variety of architectural variety to the Dunwoody Village.  Video of the meeting is linked below.

The DHA then made several position statements regarding the items up for review at Tuesday's Planning Commission and next months City Council Meetings.

On SLUP Application 18-01 for architectural changes to the proposed restaurant on Chamblee Dunwoody & Mount Vernon.

DHA would like the Planning Commission and City Council to review the Dunwoody Village Overlay District Zoning Codes before approving any specific project in the Dunwoody Village Overlay District. We are uncomfortable with the SLUP process which opens the door for spot rezoning. This is directed to the process, not the visual presentation by Crim and Associates.

On proposed changes to the Dunwoody Village Overlay District presented by city staff at the DHA public board meeting on July 1: 

DHA opposes the architectural changes and other controls to the Dunwoody Village Overlay District presented by Richard McLeod on Sunday, July 1st, without well thought out replacements that are publicly vetted by the community.

Finally, past DHA President, DeKalb Planning Commissioner and Chief of Staff to various DeKalb County Commissioners, Mr. Bob Lundsten feels very strongly that the SLUP application to loosen the architectural requirements for one proposed restaurant is improper and that the overlay code should be modified first.  Mr. Lundsten was interviewed on the What's Up Dunwoody Podcast explaining the history and regulations of the village therefore is worth a listen.

I have also received a number of emails on both sides of the topic and have talked to numerous people therefore I also plan to be in attendance at the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday to listen to the conversations and pubic comment.

If you are interested in watching on-line the meeting is live streamed here. If you would like to make a public statement the meeting starts at 6 pm.   Thanks


GaryRayBetz said...
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Debbiemonty said...

Great opportunity for Dunwoody citizen to add new input regarding updating Dunwoody's overlay and address how it can be more accommodating and flexible, but keep a historical theme in place. This issue is important to our community’s future development, posting pretentious, snide comments like the one above is unproductive. Even if I agreed with his conclusions adding irrelevant links regarding Fran Millar does not add value. Fran Millar encouraged our community to address the overlay codes. Let’s give respectful deference to different visions of our community and find a way we can improve it.

John Heneghan said...

GRB, I rarely remove comments but personal attacks off topic are uncalled for so I removed the comment. Please refrain from this activity on a forum where I would rather have open discussion on topic. Thanks