Friday, February 22, 2019

Dunwoody City Council Agenda for Monday Feb 25, 2019 - Austin Elem road / traffic signals, Storage Unit, Resolution against H.B.302 and Public Comment at meetings

Monday, February 25, 2019
Dunwoody City Hall
4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Funding Authorization for Storm Drainage, Curb and Sidewalk Construction for the new Austin Elementary School - $760,750.00

Approval of a Contract for Traffic Signal Installation at the New Austin Elementary School - $171,660.00

SECOND READ:SLUP 19-01: Adevco Corporation, on behalf of Shallowford Road Storage, LLC, owners of 4444 N Shallowford Road, request a Special Land Use Permit per Chapter 27, Sec. 27-73 to permit a three story storage facility in the Office-Distribution (O-D) zoning district. The tax parcel ID is 18 344 03 001.

Resolution in Opposition to H.B. 302 - Preemption of Local Building Design Standards (Lynn Deutsch)

Rules and Procedures For City Council Meetings: Modifying the Order of City Council agenda items to move Public Comment to the beginning. (John Heneghan)
In a representative government trying to figure out what the citizens want, allowing and listening to what they have to say is an important concept of proper govenence, therefore the City of Dunwoody has always allowed public comment near the begining of our City Council meetings.  After several instances whereby the citizen public comment period was delayed for well over an hour because of various proclamations, reports and presentations; I am proposing that public comment be moved in front of these items.

Knowing that we sometimes have new Dunwoody Police Officers being swarn in and police officers recieving recognition, I am also proposing that because police shift change is at 6 pm (meeting start time) and that officers want to be in attendance to support their fellow officers, I have also suggested an item to make this happen so that our dedicated police force can either get out on the streets or go home to their families ASAP.   My proposal is a modest one whereby most nights like this Monday, public comment will be towards the very begining of the meeting becuse there are no proclamations, reports or presentations, but it corrects the issue in such a way that so that everyone no matter what is on the agenda can count on open public comment at the start of the meeting in a uniform and consistant manner.  John

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Max said...

John thank you for this proposal, it is For the People and commendable, especially respectful of our hard-working and beloved Dunwoody PD!