Monday, December 1, 2014

Today is Election Day - Nancy Jester is the clear choice to replace Elaine Boyer for DeKalb County Commissioner.

Nancy Jester

Several months ago there was a candidate forum where I said there were serious contenders with great backgrounds running to replace Elaine Boyer and several others on the other end of the spectrum where by they either don't have a clue or were running because they had a specific agenda or vendetta to satisfy.  

Nancy Jester is the clear choice in the Heneghan household and if you have doubts, please watch the video below.   The polls close at 7 pm.

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John Heneghan said...

Congrats Commissioner Jester.

Jester, a former member of the DeKalb school board, received 3,954 votes, or about 76 percent of the votes cast, according to unofficial returns posted on the DeKalb Registration and Elections website. Her opponent in the runoff, Holmes Pyles, received 1,259 votes, the website reported.