Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Everything will be OK" signs available by Dunwoody artist, Tina Walden of ReVarne

Farmhouse chic, Dunwoody sign

My friend Tina Walden has a creative, artistic streak whereby she has just turned her hobby of bringing new life to outdated furniture into a small start up business.  Her company is called ReVarne and she is also creating handmade decor accessories to complete any room.  I purchased the large sign above and by the end of the evening my wife loved it so much that she had it wrapped for a very special teacher at Dunwoody High School to hang in her room in order to thank her for Teacher Appreciation Day. 

Long story short, I've just ordered a second sign and figured I would share Tina's skill set.

If you are interested in obtaining your own sign, Tina's information can be found here on her ReVarne Facebook page and the sign pricing is below.

The signs are Farmhouse chic inspired by an art installation at a local home built in 1867 in Dunwoody, GA. Handmade and painted with chalk paints with protective wax finish.

Small 7” x 13”    $20
Medium 9” x 13”    $25
Large 11”x 20”    $35
X-Large 14” x 24” with optional custom place name at no charge $50

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