Monday, February 25, 2008

DeKalb Park Master Plan redo costs $249,600.00 - Open Records Request

In 2000, the DeKalb County Parks Department contracted with the community planning firm EDAW for a 10 year DeKalb County Park and Recreation Strategic Plan. In 2006, EDAW was again contracted to perform another 10 year strategic plan for the DeKalb County Park system, at the cost of $249,600.00. In June of 2007, the county held five community meetings where I and several of my neighbors attended to give our feedback on future park development. I recently inquired as to the status of the new park master plan and when I didn’t get a reply, I filed an open records request for the complete bid package including the statement of work and the final contract as well as all correspondence or reports between EDAW, their contractors, & the county.

The DeKalb Purchasing Department has already provided me the first half of the information requested which shows the cost of $249,600 and a completion date of February 16, 2008. I am now expecting a reply from the Parks Department, as to the availability of the final report as well as any correspondence between EDAW and the parks department regarding this project. By State Law, they should be replying to my request within three business days which should be later today.

I guess we will soon see if this quarter million dollar investment was well spent? My guess is that the money would have been better spent updating and maintaining dilapidated recreation center air conditioning units so that those facilities could be usable in the heat of summer. But that is only a guess.

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Trackboy1 said...

Hene performs a true public service. There are 700,000+ people in DeKalb many pay attention to our county gov't.

Some people talk, some people do.
Big thanks to John for all his time & effort.