Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jill & Vernon sitting in a tree.... ugh.. I feel sick.

The attached video shows a small snippet where Jill Chambers went on a tirade during yesterdays City of Dunwoody hearing complaining about the way bloggers in general have treated her. Since Ms. Chambers is a resident of the Dunwoody North Community and represents a handful of homes, I made sure to print as much public information that I could find on the subject, be it local Crier articles, news videos or even her public statements on the Dunwoody Legislation. I never stated that "Jill Chambers was sleeping with Vernon Jones" nor would I personally attack a politician in any such way.

Supporters (lobbyists?) for Ms. Chambers have called me a vile and dastardly coward who uses my site as a public whipping post to crucify Ms. Chambers. I will admit that I have a tendency to print direct statements from politicians /governmental officials and shine a light on what they said. I try to effectively use the social media to further my agenda of quality governmental services for the 1,000 homes in my neighborhood. Be it DeKalb County, the DeKalb School Board, the Police or the future City of Dunwoody, I tend to be equal opportunity pain in the ass.

I have learned that the squeaky wheel in DeKalb gets the grease & I use my little blog to the advantage of the community I serve. I won’t apologize for that nor will I apologize for what someone else wrote in a comment on my blog site.

I am anything but a coward and will continue to represent the people I serve with the utmost distinction.


Alex said...

I wanted to post a note of support for John H. The sooner we breakway from the dekalb county the better off Dunwoody North will be. Hiding behind excuses that we don't know what we are voting on is an illogical statement..because quite frankly it can't get any worse than it has been with Vernon Jones running the show.

Trackboy1 said...

Nice comment from John Evans, a former felon who was convicted of receiving bribes while in office as a county commissioner. Eliot Spitzer has more credibility today than John Evans.

Steve Barton said...

From his extensive comments at the GoDeKalb site, "Tea Party" appears more of a Vernon Jones supporter. As Jill Chambers's opposition to Dunwoody cityhood aids the Vernon position, Tea Party supports this aspect of her politics. Little else, I would guess.