Thursday, June 12, 2008

Odd that Rep. Jill Chambers' street was repaved last year by DeKalb County when there are 45 miles of roads in Dunwoody, rated as poor quality?

Rep. Fran Millar asks a number of public questions directed at Rep. Jill Chambers in this week’s Dunwoody Crier, but he forgot one that I would like to ask.

Ms. Chambers why was your little cul-de-sac which receives a very limited amount of traffic, repaved prior to the 45 miles of Dunwoody’s roads that are rated as poor with a score of 30 or higher? Records obtained on road repaving from the county showed that Shelborne Drive was repaved, but your adjoining street of Stonington Circle was not listed as being done. None the less, both you & I know that your adjoining street has been resurfaced and it’s now as smooth as glass.

I wonder why this expense wasn’t listed in DeKalb’s maintenance records, maybe someone was just sloppy, or maybe it was a purposeful oversight to hide the fact that this could be an unwritten perk for politicians who “carrying water” for the CEO. Vernon Jones under the CEO form of government personally runs all county departments and therefore probably has the ability to dole out such political perks. It’s funny how Ms. Chambers little street jumped to the front of the line in 2007, while the rest of us just continue to bump along on our barely patched infrastructure. How do you think that happened, Ms. Chambers? I guess the roads in your district are in pretty good shape, otherwise you probably wouldn't have allowed such special treatment for yourself?

(Did anyone else hear a rumor that Mr. Jones recently picked up the phone and personally made the same offer to a nearby, newly elected public official? I wonder who else in DeKalb has a freshly paved street; maybe some enterprising reporter should take a drive around town? I’ll even provide a preliminary list (scroll down to the bottom), but a thorough review of donor lists and known FOV, might actually make it more interesting.)

I had the pleasure to serve on the Citizens for Dunwoody, transportation committee where we created this map of possible needed infrastructure improvements to assist the future city council in setting priorities. It is my belief that the citizens of the future City of Dunwoody will not allow these types of political games to be played with our tax money as they currently do in DeKalb County; and that is just another reason why I will personally be voting for the city on July 15th.
Be sure to zoom in as the map is quite detailed.


Trackboy1 said...

Jill, you are B U S T E D!!!

Lessons learned:
If you're a Friend of Vern, there's a whole lotta quid pro quo.

And if you mess with the Hene, watch out, because he's smarter than any metro area elected official (except maybe Sam Olens...I think Olens could outsmart Hene is a duel of wits, but's he's about it).

Anonymous said...

Dunwoody Village Parkway is in terrible shape. Would it be possible for Rep Chambers to relocate to that area for a couple of months?

Steve Barton said...

John: Two minutes ago I got an automated call from Jill Chambers inviting me to come to the "first balanced presentation on the City of Dunwoody" tonight at 7 pm at GPC-Dunwoody, building C. "Learn the truth about the City of Dunwoody's finances" was her closing line.

ilene gormly said...

First, full disclosure. I am a resident of Dunwoody North,and a former president of the Dunwoody North Civic Association. I work part -time as counsel for Rep. Jill Chambers and I am also her friend and her neighbor.

I am appalled that the President of our Civic Association would use his position and the neighborhood blog to wage a personal vendetta against Representative Chambers, a resident of this neighborhood. It is inappropriate and unseemly. Since you are in a position of leadership and a strong voice in the Citizens of Dunwoody, it leads me to these questions: Is this the type of behavior we can expect from the leaders of a new city, if one is created? Will certain citizens be singled out for retribution by the city? Please rethink your behavior and your responsibilities as a neighborhood leader.

Ilene Gormly

Anonymous said...

Instead of trying to change the subject but attacking John, perhaps Ms. Chambers "friends" should have her respond to the questions he and Fran Millar put forth.

THE BIG TUNA said...

After Fran Millar's letter to the Crier this week, this blogger decided to look at Jill Chambers financial disclosures that are a matter of public record. I have always tried to figure the angle for her unrelenting opposition to the Dunwoody referendum, even after it passed the House and Senate.

Fran seems to have hit a note when it come to "carrying water". These are some of her financial backers of note. This is what is available from her own campaign disclosures. Bet her constituents have never seen this.

DeKalb County CEO VERNON JONES – Opposes Dunwoody referendum. Jill Chambers is the ONLY Republican to whom he donates. CARRYING THE WATER FOR THE JONES ADMINISTRATION AND DEKALB COUNTY.

AMBLING MULTI-FAMILY DEVELOPMENT – Apartment builders who donated to only ONE Republican, Jill Chambers. Other recipients are ALL Democrats. Jill Chambers is the recipient of their largest single donation. Jill Chambers does not want a city to be able to take over zoning and code enforcement, which would limit apartment buildings here in Dunwoody. EVER WONDER WHY WE NEVER HEAR JILL CHAMBERS COMPLAIN ABOUT HIGH-DENSITY APARTMENTS AND SCHOOL OVERCROWDING THAT IT CAUSES?CARRYING THE WATER FOR APARTMENT BUILDERS.

Former MARTA CEO ED WALL – Ed Wall is one of Vernon Jones’ biggest supporters on his Senate campaign. Ed Wall also financially backs Former Governor Roy Barnes, who DeKalb County is hiring as their lawyer to file suit to stop the incorporation of Dunwoody. Ed Wall's firm underwrites DeKalb County bond issues, earning him huge money from our taxes. Ed Wall left MARTA last year, because he was arrested BY THE Atlanta Police in a public restroom at Hartsfield Jackson Airport while engaging in homosexual sex with a stranger. Nice behavior for a married father of three. Jill Chambers is Chair of the MARTOC committee in the State House, which oversees MARTA, putting her in close proximity to Mr. Wall. In her role as oversight, Jill Chambers never asked for his resignation after his arrest for his disgusting escapades. Jill Chambers accepts campaign funds from Mr. Wall. Jill Chambers is the ONLY Republican to whom he donates. CARRYING THE WATER FOR "BATHROOM STALL ED WALL", A MAJOR JONES CRONY.

Executive Assistant to DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones, Mr. RICHARD STOGNER –A loyal Vernon Jones staffer. It is Mr. Stogner who is being investigated by a grand Jury for allowing millions of dollars of DeKalb County contracts to be awarded to Vernon Jones’ cronies and political contributors in violation of procurement rules. Ms. Chambers, who constantly crows about fiscal conservatism, doesn’t seem to mind accepting campaign money from him. Jill Chambers is the ONLY Republican to whom he donates. CCARYING THE WATER FOR DEKALB CORRUPT PURCHASING PRACTICES AND WASTE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

JAMES FRYHOFER is a deep-pocketed Democratic donor. The only Republican who he sends campaign money to is Jill Chambers. CARRYING THE WATER FOR THE OPPOSITION PARTY.

H.J. RUSSELL AND COMPANY is a construction firm with a record of huge financial support to CEO Vernon Jones, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, convicted felon and former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell, convicted felon and former State Senator Charles Walker, and Representative Jill Chambers. Of this firm’s very substantial political contributions, a whopping 96% goes to Democrats. CARRYING THE WATER FOR DONORS TO CONVICTED FELONS AND FRIENDS OF VERNON.

Are we starting to see a pattern here? Google these records, they are online. It is not hard to follow the motivations of her unrelenting efforts to lie and lie and lie to attempt to torpedo Dunwoody. Jill Chambers is all about transparency of officials and government. Let's have Jill Chambers explain these contributions and what influence they bought.

Or maybe this should go to the AJC, Fox 5 I-Team, Georgia Republican Party, Channel 46, Channel 11 Alive......Couple this with the paving of her street and you have a REAL interesting weekend news cycle.

THE BIG TUNA said...

In response to Ilene Gormly, you should be APPALLED that your friend, client, and State Representative would be willing to sell out the residents of Dunwoody for her own personal gain. Campaign contributions and political favors of the most cheap and tawdry nature. Sounds like old-style Chicago politics. In fact, cheap and tawdry describes your friend, client, and State Representative. You can have her, friends like that the good people of Dunwoody do not need.

If this blogger is mistaken, and you want to dispute this, by all means do. Jill Chambers is all about open and transparent disclosure in government and elected office holders. Let her take the first step and open up her personal and family tax records showing all sources of income, particularly political "consulting" work.

My bet is that you and she will make a ton of arguments as to why she shouldn't have to, and I agree, she doen't have to. But by being the vocal proponent of openess, let's let Jill Chambers show us all by example. Show us that 1040 and 1099 income and really prove us wrong.

I'm not going to hold my breath while I wait. My guess is that although she talks the talk, she will not walk the walk.

Dunwoody residents, while you wait you may want to take a Sunday Drive down to Stonington Circle (Jill Chambers street).

Bring your kids and the camera. You can get a picture of them with something they may not have seen before, a repaved residential street in Dunwoody during the Jones administration. They can also learn new phrases over the summer like QUID PRO QUO.

yeswecan said...

Your hypocrisy is breathtaking. Personal attacks, retribution, and intimidation are all behaviors we expect from Jill Chambers. those of us in district 81 are all too aware of the garbage jill puts in our mailboxes come election time.

to make such a statement, you must ether be blind or really, really stupid, Ms Gormley. which is it?

Fortunately even Jill's nitwits are beginning to become uncomfortable with her ruthlessness and total lack of integrity and character.

Somehow I doubt Chambers would be so outspoken if this were her own district. Let's hope the voters of district 81 wise up and send her packing this november.

Dustin said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I only wish I had read this post much sooner; however, I can still share it via Facebook.

Again, thanks, Dustin

jonalou said...

Hi, looking for "Big Tuna." Im new to this blog and have interest in the comments posted by BT - 6.13.2008 about Ed Wall and his connections and contributions to V.Jones campaign and the Former Governor Barnes. Im a free lancer and doing some work about "polictal donations, favors...etc.,"can BT please direct me to where I can gather more info about Walls contributions? Also, Im interested in the bonds that his company underwrites for the County of Dekalb...where do I start researching this area. Is this recorded someone? The specific bonds his company serviced? Please help. PenPen