Monday, June 30, 2008

Dunwoody North resident Michael Rothenberg has withdrawn from DeKalb Superior Court race.

As shown in the announcement below, Dunwoody North resident Attorney Michael Rothenberg has decided to withdraw from the DeKalb Superior Court race over concerns that his qualification could be challenged on a technicality. Rothenberg currently serves the citizens of Dekalb County as a part time judge in the DeKalb County Recorder's Court and who knows, maybe the City of Dunwoody will be looking for assistance if a part time position were to come available.

June 30, 2008

Dear Friends:

On Wednesday June 25, 2008 I qualified to run for DeKalb Superior Court Judge. Since that time, I have heard from many members of the community who were interested in the race. While the issue of my qualification was thoroughly researched, many cases and statutes read, lawyers & the Secretary of State consulted prior to making the decision to run this time around, and while I am certain in the belief that our position regarding my qualification is correct, I do not want the debate about statutory qualifications to detract from the real issues in the election - which always should be about doing what is best for the court. Therefore, today I informed the Secretary of State that I am withdrawing my name from the ballot this time around.

It may sound trite of me to say, but for me the importance of the judicial races is far too vast to be bogged down in an admittedly fascinating legal argument about the history of judicial qualifications and statutory construction (it would actually make a great law review article) and its more important than me. I saw over the last few days that was the direction this was heading no matter what I did and wanted to end that direction now and shift the focus where it belongs - on the issues.

I appreciate all of the support that I've received and new friends I have made during this journey. For now, I will focus my attention on assisting the current candidates and working hard to get the word out to everyone about the importance of voting in judicial elections.

2010 is right around the corner. But for now, I wanted to let you, my amazing supporters, know.

Our campaign to be bring real change to our court continues on and we will be on the trail this year and next. Please feel free to contact us, share your ideas with us and work with us to bring that change to our county.

Whatever you do, vote this year for your judicial candidates! G-d bless you all,


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