Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you want to verify that your Absentee Ballot was Received and other tidbits?

If you voted early this election (in person or by mail) and want to know if your vote was documented, you can go to the Secretary of State website to see if your absentee ballot was logged in, and the date received. Make sure it says "Absentee Ballot Received" for the date you voted.

I just voted today and mine is already in the system.

If anyone needs information on the referendum questions (other than school uniform question since we wore out that topic in the comments to a previous entry), ballotpedia is the best source I found.

If anyone needs to know where to vote anywhere in the US, Google has the answer.


Rich Ideas said...

As a resident of Dunwoody for 22 years I would like to thank you for keeping us informed throughout this entire transitional phase.

paul said...

In the election for DeKalb commissioners, I'll vote for Larry Danese and Kathie Gannon. These candidates have been helpful on neighborhood issues. Kathie Gannon has repeatedly helped with neighbors' requests to DeKalb County on issues of amplified sound, lights and trash at Brook Run Park. Larry Danese has been helpful with zoning questions (eg. new construction, buffers, appropriateness, current zoning) regarding the development at Brook Run Park. He made recommendations and offered his continued support to protect our neighborhood.

It is time to replace Elaine Boyer. She has done good work in the past but now appears ineffective. In the last couple of years, she seems uninterested on many issues and has not responded to inquiries. (Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, Rep. Tom Price, Com. Gannon, Larry Danese and others respond to me when contacted.)

Boyer's published statement on 'massive re-landscaping' for Brook Run has not happened and she has not responded to questions. Although the loss of greenspace is disappointing, the re-landscaping at our neighbor Dr. Stanley's Church is impressive. Compare it to Brook Run. Boyer has not protected Dunwoody's green space, but may have used our tax money for buying green space near her home. Under her commission, five acres of Dunwoody forested, park green-space has been destroyed (including air and water quality) for more hardscape, traffic, lights and noise. This occurred despite neighbors' input on the EDAW study, and the smaller, approved plan. She also has voted against water conservation. There are other concerns on her use of taxpayer money, and support of our community.