Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dunwoody City Manager Finalists Named, decision to be made on Monday.

The Dunwoody Crier reported in today's edition that through an open records request they discovered that there are two final candidates for the City Manager position. The finalists are Steve Rapson and Warren Hutmacher.

Mr. Rapson is currently serving as the Assistant City Manager in Sandy Springs, GA and Mr. Hutmacher serves as the City Manager in Norcross, GA. The City Council for the City of Dunwoody is expected to confirm the Mayor's appointment for the City Manager position at its November 3rd meeting at 7PM and most likely the City Manager will begin work in late November.

I have met both of these gentlemen in the past and am impressed with their backgrounds and the enthusiasm that either one of them would bring to the position. I couldn't be happier with the names of the two finalists and Mayor Wright will make a good choice for the City; because it is impossible to do otherwise.


Thaddeus Osbourne Dabell said...

Didn't take very long for transparency to become nothing more than a word we like to use.

Ilovemykids said...

I'm glad to see so many women involved in the City of Dunwoody.

Thaddeus Osbourne Dabell said...

Seriously, what did you expect? The lineage of this city draws heavily on DHA and the transitory CfD and DY! Who was the last female president of DHA? How many Task Forces were headed by women? We've hit the ground running with a good old boy network derived directly from the less formal power structure previously in place. Furthermore, they're not accustomed to operating in the open and don't appear inclined to change.

DunwoodyParent said...


How many women were prohibited from running a Task Force? How many women were told not to solicit for City Manager? Only one woman that ran for a seat on Dunwoody Council ran a decent campaign, and she won!(I listened to all the women that ran for office many times and only the one that won presented herself as though she could do the job, in my opinion, won her race).

If you women are so disenfranchised from this City process then step up away from the keyboard and go do something. It's mostly men in the audience at the Council meetings. The City will need many people to serve on committees. I suggest women of Dunwoody show up at every meeting and get involved. Sign up for the public comment at the beginning of each meeting if you have something meaningful to contribute. Don't just sit back and complain because you feel left out. This City council is not coming to your house to ask for your involvement.

It's been well documented that the Council would soon select a city manager. If there is a qualified female in the area then she should have taken the initiative to put her name in the hat by contacting the mayor or council members. If there was a qualified female who took these steps but was left out, then I'll consider these 'left out' comments as legitimate. As Sarah Palin has shown us, it is possible to be a woman, a mother, and a leader. I'd love to have a 'Sarah' running Dunwoody.

Bob Fiscella said...

Despite what you read in The Crier, Steve Rapson of Sandy Springs is not in the running for the job. It appears that Mr. Hutmacher is the choice of the mayor, now awaiting confirmation from the council. While I would love to see a qualifed women among the candidates, I think the most important thing now is that we get the most qualified candidate. I'm hoping that Mr. Hutmacher is that person. However, I do have my concerns in that he ran a much smaller city in Norcross, and does not have any start up experience. Without CH2M Hill being part of the process, it greatly concerns me that we have neither a service facilitator nor city manager with start up experience. I'm curious as to why Mr. Rapson didn't make the cut. The man is not only a public administrator but a financial whiz - basically taking the job of two officials. And he has start up experience. But I'll give the mayor the benefit of the doubt. I trust he will make the right decision.

DunwoodyParent said...

there can't be many people out there with 'city start-up' experience.

joggerdavew said...

One poster here says of the females running for City Council, "only the one that won presented herself as though she could do the job, in my opinion."

Three other female candidates I know of, besides Bonser, brought great strengths, principles, convictions and ideals to the table. Further, Bonser's huge campaign expenditures set a poor example for taxpayers. You can be sure she won't hold the reins any better on spending our tax dollars. Not to mention, she basically represents the wishes of the DHA rather than the people of Dunwoody as a whole.

DunwoodyParent said...

we all have opinions. When I met with and heard the people running for council I formed opinions (just as everyone else did). It seems my opinion was similar to the voters as only one woman won a race. I'm sure the other women had assets to contribute to the cause, but I do not think any of them were better than their opponents'.

joggerdavew said...

Yes, agreed, we all have opinions. I just hope there are those on the council who are not afraid to stray from the pack mentality, who don't cower to the pressures of their cohorts (or of politics) and who are confident enough in their own opinions to speak up for what is right, fair and just rather than serving the wishes of a vocal minority.

Several Council candidates who DIDN"T win probably would have been a better choice in terms of the above.

Rich Ideas said...

Unfortunately Dunwoodyparent lost all credibility in desiring a 'Sarah" to run our city.

DunwoodyParent said...

rich, Once we get the new school uniforms mandatory for all DeKalb schools I am sure Obama will be a better fit. We can then 'redistribute' our Dunwoody wealth back to DeKalb again, just like old times.

joggerdavew said...

On another tact: does anyone besides me question the validity of hiring Boyken Management, which is not a recruitment firm, to perform PERSONNEL PLACEMENT services for the city at a cost of more than $500k? Does their contract outline specific tasks to be performed? And if they don't come through, does the City have an 'out' clause? (John H. - help me out here.) And did any of the Council members even have the nerve to ask that the fee be reduced? Or did they all just nod their heads and say, "Yeah, that's the ticket. Where do I sign?"

I realize the Council was under a desperate deadline, but they could just as well have put off such an exorbitant contract by contracting with the County for a couple more months while soliciting other proposals -- from companies who are not Weber's good ole boy buddies, for instance.

joggerdavew said...

ALL: I just viewed the Boyken contract, so graciously posted here by John H. - King of Communication!!! Thanks, John. You all may be interested in this part of the contract:

CONSULTANT proposes the following personnel at discounted hourly rates. Staff shall be used on an as needed basis to accomplish the tasks necessary to facilitate the hiring of key city staff and personnel with the goal to turn over operations to those key staff members as quickly as possible.

Jeff Jones RFP Prep & Support $145
Lesley Baker RFP Prep & Support $$80
Thomas Everritt IT/Data/Phones $145
Angela Redfern HR/Benefits $90 $80
Carol Hancock Admin $70
Cheryl Cattenhead Admin $50
Senior Management Member
Donald R. Boyken Principal in Charge $$300
Barry Stein Team Leader/Police $200
Dept/Court Facility

Brian said...

Congrats, both look like good candidates. As an Accountant and Human Resources Professional, I would offer the following:

I would suggest Warren Hutmacher. I don't know him personally or otherwise, but base my suggestion on City needs and direction.

He has been a City Manager of two local cities and an assistant at a third. Experience matters running our new city. All are mature cities and seem to be run with a model we have choosen with Dunwoody vs. the Sandy Springs CHM2Hill model. He has a masters in Public Administration.

Second, he is not an accountant. I am an accountant and can tell you we don't need two cooks in the kitchen. If we have an accountant for City Manager and one for Finance Director (who may have a masters, as well) I feel we will have conficts with those two positions about spending and budgeting. We don't need that.

Thanks for listening.