Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dunwoody Mayor & City Council E-mail Addresses

Top Row, Mayor Ken Wright
Middle Row, City Council at Large Rep
Wittenstein, Ross; Heneghan
Bottom Row, City Council District Rep
Shortal, Bonser, Taylor

Yesterday the City Council welcomed our final member with the swearing in of Dr. Adrian Bonser to the District Two local seat. Welcome aboard Adrian.

During the meeting I mentioned that the city council now has official City of Dunwoody e-mail addresses and I have already received a request to provide those to the general public, so I have listed them below. Please note that the city is now using a Microsoft Exchange Server for e-mail which does take a little more configuration to set up than traditional e-mail therefore not all city council members have complete access to these accounts yet, but will have their systems confirmed by the target date of November 1st.


Brian.Anderson@dunwoodyga.gov (City Attorney)


themommy said...

So John

What will the Council be voting on before November 1st since it doesn't sound like constituents can easily and with confidence contact their representatives?

John Heneghan said...


All I was saying was that the Dunwoody addresses are new and will take a week or so to shake out the bugs. Please continue to contact the Council as you have done in the past either by phone or private e-mail. This information was published in the Crier and is readily available on-line.

Feel free to call or e-mail me and I will ensure that constituents messages are routed to the appropriate Council member.

My home number is 770-234-0678 and I have configured my e-mail so do please start using my john.heneghan@dunwoodyga.gov e-mail address.

Also feel free to post comments to this site as I know that they are read by members of the Council. Thanks.