Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey Dunwoody, who are you going to vote for in the School Board Election?

Pam Buncum, Michael Culver, Pam Speaks

Serving on the DeKalb County School Board and representing the Dunwoody Cluster will be no easy task. There are three candidates vying for the District 8 seat, all of whom should be at the Dunwoody Chamblee Parents Council lunch & learn forum on Wednesday October 15th at the Dunwoody Library starting at 12:00 Noon. (Bring your lunch and tough questions for the candidates.)

The best piece of information I found on the candidates was a questionnaire that was presented by to all three candidates and it can be found by clicking here. I have met several of the candidates at various school and civic functions here in Dunwoody though I know little else about any of them. If I can make the meeting on Wednesday I will certainly do so and maybe I'll see you there?

The District 8 Candidates are:
Wednesday-October 15th, 2008
Time: 12:00-1:30pm
Dunwoody Library-Community Room
5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, Georgia 30338


Repartee said...

To learn more (much more!) about these candidates, go to GoDekalb and read their responses to the questionnaires as well as the bloggers input.

This is an insanely important election for the DeKalb county school board - we are about to replace 4 of the 9 positions on the board - very nearly a majority. We need to follow the recommendations the state appointed committee on school board qualifications recommends - that is - avoid putting current teachers on the board, do background checks on board members, as well as drug screens, and look for conflicts of interest.

Maureen Downey wrote an excellent article about this in the AJC.

Please, voters - the Board of Education not only serves as the watchdog of the BILLION DOLLAR budget of the school system, they have the ability to maintain high property values (or conversely, ruin property values as we've witnessed in Clayton County).

Choose carefully - choose wisely - this is an issue that you need to do your due diligence on.

For more info go here:

Jglazer said...

I am proud to endorse Michael Culver for Dekalb County District 8 School Board Member.

I have known the Culver family for more than 10 years and they are very well respected in this community. Their 4 children all have attended Dekalb County schools, their oldest is now a freshman at UGA, 2 are in high school and 1 in middle school.

Michael Cullver is an honest, sincere man of great character. He is well qualified for this position in so many ways. He has hands on experience as a parent, volunteer, coach, teacher and leader. He serves as Chairman of the Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation, has been Chairman and member of the Board of Trustees at his church, President of the High School Booster Club etc. I know Michael will be a great asset to our community for our children now and in the future. You can be sure he will be fair and ethical in all his dealings. Anyone who knows Michael would surely tell you that he's not in it for ego or for any other reason than he truly cares for our children and knows he can make a difference.
Please join me on November 4th and vote for Michael Culver!