Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Dunwoody flirting with disaster and other neighborhood tidbits.

With the amount of unknowns that the Dunwoody City Council is dealing with in setting a budget, some might say that we are flirting with disaster but my gut tells me that our City Manager Warren Hutmacher and his skilled staff will bring us very close to our financial targets. None the less, we the City Council have always taken a very conservative view in our financial planning and are questioning all discrepancies.

If Ms. Shari O'Halloran the Owner of Mudcatz Bayou Bar & Grill has her way, the Pavillion in Dunwoody will be a major music venue with a stage, dance floor and capacity to hold between 300 and 400 people with one of the possible first acts being Molly Hatchet. (Shari, please save me two seats up front.) Link to News Story.

I missed the first Dunwoody Elementary School PTO meeting on Monday (because of a four hour city council meeting) where the election of the PTO officers were taking place. I believe congratulations are in order to the proposed board whom I am guessing is now the newly elected board. Since my boys will be attending this school for the next four years, I look forward to working with Co-Presidents Peggy Stecker & Kevin Cameron, VP's Marian Sheffield & Paige Ratonyi, Secretary Kim Fobas, Treasurer Kim Mc George & Financial Secretary Richard Starks.

Someone was looking Dunwoody Maps, try here and then here.

Dunwoody / North Atlanta Tweetup on Wed April 29 from 6 - 10pm at Cafe Intermezzo 4505 Ashford-Dunwoody Road Dunwoody, GA. Sponsored by Atlanta Business Radio & the North Atlanta Tweeters. Unfortunately @dunwoodynorth has a son's baseball game and will not be in attendance.

I had the pleasure of using the services of Dunwoody Personal Computers for a little computer assistance and I highly recommend Adam, he's great and does fast efficient work. 404-702-3726.

For a website that is based on transparency, I tip my hat to a relatively new site that is doing great investigative work, The recent story on Terrell Bolton is top notch investigating and now the story has been picked by the AJC, WSB TV and the DeKalb Officers site.

Last chance to join the Dunwoody North swim team on Thurs. Info here.

Brook Run Dog Park Work Day - Saturday from 9 - 11. Link.

I was just notified that the Dunwoody PD responded to a 3 car vehicle accident and the writer of the e-mail stated that it took less than 4 minutes to have two cars on scene. Outstanding !!

Audio from Monday's four hour city council work session. Agenda
04202009_audio1.mp3 Start, Sustainability & Farmer's Market

04202009_audio2.mp3 Single Stream Recycling
04202009_audio3.mp3 Comprehensive Plan

04202009_audio4.mp3 Impact Fees

04202009_audio5.mp3 Boyken Update

04202009_audio6.mp3 Water Leaks on Private Property

04202009_audio7.mp3 Stream Buffer, Retaining Walls, Signs

04202009_audio8.mp3 DeKalb County Water Restrictions - Car Wash

04202009_audio9.mp3 March Financial Report

04202009_audio10.mp3 Storm Water Fees & Credits

04202009_audio11.mp3 Business Tax - Income Returns


themommy said...

Hi, John.

It concerns me that the Farmers Market was added to the agenda. There are many people who certainly would have showed up at the meeting to address this issue (one way or the other) had they been notified ahead of time. At least 35 people showed up at the Planning Commission meeting when this issue was discussed.

I think, in the future, great care needs to be taken before an item is added to the agenda.

I realize that the public hearing on this item is next week, but in fairness to both sides, I think the council should not have had a mini preview of the hearing without as many interested people there as possible.

Kcaj said...

John (or anyone in the know), is it correct that the Farmers Mkt proposal would zone markets into residential R100 neighborhoods? And how is a Farmers Mkt defined? Is it terribly different than a flea market with food stuffs? Jack.

John Heneghan said...

Mommy, the work session is the councils time to ask questions and discuss items of concern. I didn't make the planning commission meeting (out of town on business) and had concerns over the lack of specific notice to the residents living near St. Patrick's; therefore I had a short discussion added to the agenda to ask those pointed questions. I got my answer and will now be assuring myself that the immediate neighbors are well aware of the impending farmers market at that location. Hopefully if something like this was affecting your property, you would want me knowledgeable of the process so that I could properly assist you? Because of this I needed to ask the questions and will gladly do so again if needed.

Kcaj, I am not sure how to answer your question since the changes are still in flux. It is very common practice for a code amendment language to change between meetings based upon citizen questions and board members discussion. So by the time it gets to me on Friday there may be some changes from the language that was presented originally at Community Council. It is also common for Council to request changes to the language between the first and second reading. That is what the process is designed to do and I would prefer not to speculate.

themommy said...


Thank you for clarifying. I have the sense though, that this discussion turned into a mini-hearing and that makes me uncomfortable. In the future, perhaps the council needs to review the agenda before it is published to add such items to it. I KNOW that many advocates for the market would have been at the meeting had they realized what would be occurring.

KCAJ, the code change limits what could be sold to items that you would expect to find in a farmers market.

Ken Thompson said...

Just wondering...

Wouldn't a waitress as scantily clad as shown in the photo be in violation of CoD ordinances? And those little girl socks! Ooo la la, they really add that little something extra. :-J