Thursday, July 2, 2009

Possible Weekend Plans?


City of Norcross - Festival & Fireworks

At 5:00 pm vendors will begin downtown with food, games, rides (including pony rides), clowns, etc. to be enjoyed by all. At 7:00 pm the Summer Concert Series will kick off with the "Skin Alley Kats", a local favorite, playing at Lillian Webb Community Park. Get settled in to enjoy the fireworks show around 9:20 (dusk/dark).


Dunwoody Parade kicks off at 9:30 a.m.

Afternoon water volleyball in the neighborhood pool followed by either Chamblee or Lenox fireworks depending on the interest and age of participants. (Hint: I will not be taking a three year old to Lenox.)

I have never done the Dunwoody County Club fireworks, any feedback on them vs. Chamblee?


Home repair projects and packing for end of month move to new home followed by swimming pool with the boys. (Yes, we are staying in the Dunwoody North neighborhood and I will remain on the Dunwoody City Council.)

Enjoy the holiday with family & friends.


Gil said...

What are the details on the DCC fireworks? Is this a members only event? Or are they easily viewable elsewhere?

themommy said...

Ask at the pool, John, but I think people go get ice cream at McDonalds and you can see them from there.


You can see the DCC fireworks from the Jett Ferry merchants -- but you have to be a member to actually get into the club.

knitternall said...

Hands down, the Chamblee (Keswick Park) fireworks ROCK. They go on forever, the venue is wide open, and you can't beat the small town feel, kids playing frisbee, live music, vendors, and booming front seat view. DCC is for members only, it's hard to see, and the show is smaller scale.

John Heneghan said...

Gil, I have received several e-mails stating that the DCC fireworks are closed to the public as you need to be a member or have a guest wrist band to get in, however the McDonalds shopping center and Los Rancheros are both prime viewing locations. Chances are we are going to Chamblee with several other families as we have always enjoyed the show.

Note of caution regarding parking for the parade, do not park illegally on any Dunwoody street, neighbors and business merchants have complained and the Dunwoody Police will be ticketing illegal and double parked cars.

joggerdavew said...

Wow. Dunwoody neighbors complaining? I'm shocked ...