Monday, March 29, 2010

Grow a Ton for Hunger, help feed Dunwoody's hungry - Malachi's Storehouse

Do you have a garden? Anticipate more tomatoes than you could possibly eat?

Why not purposely over plant this year to feed the hungry?

My good friend Pattie Baker would like to find a way to have the Dunwoody community raise 2,000 lbs of fresh produce from our home gardens for the Malachi's Storehouse run by St. Patrick's Episcopal Church on North Peachtree Road.

Plant a Row for the Hungry, a nationwide grassroots movement where people help people. No bureaucratic red tape. No governmental oversight. Just a collection of backyard kitchen gardeners, community gardeners, school gardeners, and farmers who help pierce the darkness of hunger by either sharing their unexpected surplus--a particularly robust zucchini crop, for instance--or dedicating everything from a specific row or rows of their garden or farm to sharing with the one-in-ten of all Americans who are hungry and without food each day. Millions of pounds of fresh produce have made their way from digging hands to desperate hands.

Can you help?


Glory said...

Thank-you John and Pattie for this. I do believe that "The Malachi's Storehouse" project supported by Saint Patrick's Episcopal Church has through the years been the most altruistic endeavor in Dunwoody that any organization either religious or secular has staged. Much thanks to these people that volunteer their time and love to this selfless undertaking.

Pattie Baker said...

Thanks, John--we harvested three pounds from the community garden today. 1,997 pounds to go!

And, Glory, I agree that Malachi's Storehouse is an amazing help to those in need, and a very warm and inviting place to volunteer.

John Heneghan said...

Sharing our Harvest article on the Dunwoody Community Garden at Brook Run Blog.