Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy St. Baldrick's Day from the Heneghan Family

Today around 4:30 myself and my sons Riley & Gavin will be shaving our heads at Fado's Irish Pub in solidarity with kids fighting cancer. If you are unfamiliar with St. Baldrick's, I have embedded a small video from last years event in the margin at the right or you can just click here. We are collecting donations through St. Baldrick's to fund more research in fighting childhood cancer and if you are able to make a small donation please click here.   Thanks.  John, Riley & Gavin Heneghan


Rick Callihan said...

live web cam for this (like the council meetings) would have been cool

Bob said...

way to go John

Bob Lundsten

Heyward said...

Video would have been good, but someone was asked to film the event and broke his camcorder.