Friday, April 2, 2010

Dick Williams & the Georgia Gang on Sunday mornings is worth a watch.

The Editor of the Dunwoody Crier, Mr. Dick Williams hosts a political talk show at 8:30 am Sunday mornings on Fox called the Georgia Gang.  I try to real hard to get up out of bed even though Sunday is the only day of the week that I am actually "allowed" to sleep in since I usually have an early boys soccer game on Saturday.

Anyway if you know Dick, you know he is opinionated and has no fear in saying what is on his mind.  Well I know the Georgia Gang show is taped on Friday mornings therefore the breaking news that Vernon Jones the ex-CEO of DeKalb County will be forced to pay damages in a discrimination case, whereby the county has already paid Millions of Dollars in legal fees, and now because of these findings the County may also have to pay the plaintiffs legal fees, will more than likely not go unnoticed by Mr. Williams.

There is no love lost between Vernon Jones and Dick Williams as this "Death by Bow Tie" video clearly shows.

Another fun aspect of the Georgia Gang show is that Buzz Brockway and a number of bloggers over at Peach Pundit do an interactive live blog of the show with both a minute by minute summary as well as "colorful" commentary.  The link to the live blog will likely be found at early Sun morning.

To all the bloggers out there; congrats on the recognition by the State Legislature commending Georgia's political bloggers for their unique role in promoting openness and transparency in state government by naming April 1st, 2010 as "Blogger Day At The Capitol".

Hey wait a second, was that an inside joke played out on April Fools Day?  Nah, I'm sure they real do love us.


Dunwoody Mom said...
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Dunwoody Mom said...

John, if you know Dick ask him why the Dunwoody Crier has become the Marist/Chamblee Crier and little of the goings-on with theDunwoody schools gets in The Crier. I have actually been told that Williams himself has decreed this. I mean, when the Marist Cheerleading Camp is front page news, well what else could be important? Hint: guess who has a daughter who is a cheerleader at Marist?

John Heneghan said...

Blogger Day at the Georgia State Capitol. 4-1-10

Wishbone Nolan said...

My, my, my, what a display of sycophancy here! But sorry this man is no hero. He as well as you have done your damn-est to alienate everyone in DeKalb County against Dunwoody, which feasibly gave license to our more ignorant citizens of Dunwoody in their haranguing of the DeKalb County Firefighters in stores and restaurants.

Maybe one day you and Dick will realize the shameful ramifications that resulted for the rest of the citizens of Dunwoody when you insisted in playing your contemptible game of vendetta with Vernon Jones at our expense. But I doubt it, as those whom indulge in amour-propre to such an extent as we have witnessed the past few years, aren't much concerned with reality or the lives of others.