Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dunwoody discussions on Branding, Apartment Inspections, 911, Sidewalk Policy, Impact Fees

Monday, April 12th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
7:00 P.M.

City Council discussion on branding open to the public 5:30

Work Session Agenda

1. Branding services update.

2. Multi-family code compliance and sweeps discussion.
3. Stream buffer exceptions discussion.

4. Discussion of Master Plan contract award - Dunwoody Village and Georgetown.

5. Enhanced 9-1-1 service provision update.

6. Sidewalk Improvement Policy.

7. Public Works Quarterly Report.

8. Discussion of Tilly Mill Road restriping options.

9. Community Incentives for Green Building Policy.

10. No Net Loss of Trees Policy.

11. LED Traffic Signals Policy.

12. Impact fees discussion.

13. Initiation of text amendment, Office-Institution Zoning District.


Bob said...

I would suggest that the I/O not be amended for the addition of retail. If a O/I property wants to include retail in the end use, they should be required to go through a rezoning to an mixed use category, such as an OCR (office commercial retail).
There are many locations that O/I zoning were used to actually buffer the residential neighborhoods from encroachment of commercial activity. Just look at Dunwoody Village offices and the offices on the South side of Mt Vernon, where Bill Grant's offices are.. Even Perimeter Mall is separated by O/I or high density residential from existing residential neighborhoods.
Beware of the unintended consequences,

Now that I have said all this I am sure that at least three councilmen will do just the opposite.

If you are looking for a change to the O/I, consider removing the apartment use under the current code.

Some more good news for you all, I will not be there on Monday


Bob Lundsten
404 358 4147

Rick Callihan said...

Bob,I have good news for them as well; I will not be there Monday either

Chip said...

The staff observation that narrowing Tilly Mill will "reduce vehicle speed" completely misses the problem associated with traffic at GPC. Has Council taken the position of antagonizing GPC in the vain hope of trying to get them to reduce student population???

If City of Dunwoody is going to spend money on Tilly Mill, why not repaint and restripe the Womack Rd./Tilly Mill intersection to enhance traffic flow through the intersection, provide relief to Tillingham Ct. and with a judicious application of relatively inexpensive street control devices (reflective stanchions, or pavement bumps) establish bona-fide turn-lanes approaching Womack from the east?

I know the Mayor likes to thump his chest and say "no widening in my administration!!!" but that kind of bravado is neither good stewardship or good government.

A long-term solution working with GPC to better manage traffic onto their property in a more expeditious manner is what's needed, not more limitation on traffic flow to make an already bad situation even worse.


flahute said...

Regarding Tilly Mill improvements: The addition of bike lanes to the portion that currently has a turn lane gives little benefit to the cyclists using the road today. Even if a cyclist is willing to risk the ride over the two lane sections required to reach the stretch in question, any auto traffic is then free to pass with only minimal encroachment on the turn lane.
Better to spend the 10K for SMART improvement of the Womack intersection or adding ped and bike facilities in other areas.