Friday, April 23, 2010

Dunwoody Soap Box Derby is looking for drivers and sponsors.

The Dunwoody Soap Box Derby race directors have been tweaking last year's event and have made a number of changes - including moving the track and putting up tents so spectators will be able to be in the shade, kids's activities, food vendors, etc., etc., so they're looking for even more drivers and spectators this year.

The Derby is open to both boys and girls from ages 8-17.  They'll be racing two classes of cars again this year:  stock and superstock.  There's still time for kids to register and obtain cars.  Complete Derby information and applications can be obtained by going to our website:

They're doing car clinics every Saturday morning from now until the race, which is scheduled for June 5, to help kids and their parents build their cars to gain optimal results.   They'll have folks on hand to give pointers and tips as well as offer building assistance wherever possible.   All clinics will be held at the KofC Hall at All Saints Catholic Church from 10 AM - 2 PM.  It's important that they/their parents attend the clinics to get complete information.  Kids need not have their cars with them in order to attend, but should be looking to order kits ASAP.

Our clinic schedule (including topics being discussed) follows:

April 24 - axle/kingpin install and suspension
May 1 - weight and how it affects speed
May 8 - weight design, calculation, and order
May 15 - Alignment/testing Part One
May 22 - Alignment/testing Part Two
May 29 - Driving and race day procedures
June 4 - Car Inspections and Weigh-in
June 5 - Race Day

We're continuing to welcome sponsors like the Dunwoody Crier and the Bank of North Georgia to help fund the race and everything connected with it (including paying to send local champions to Akron , accompanied by one parent each, and transporting the cars to-and-from Akron as well), so if anyone is interested in becoming a Derby sponsor, all they need do is contact either Brent Morris  at  or Heyward Wescott at

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