Monday, April 26, 2010

Dunwoody's Legislative seats up for changes with Senator Dan Weber possibly deciding not to run.

Today was the first day of qualifying for the Georgia State Legislature with candidates stepping forward to throw their hats into the ring. By all accounts it appears that State Senator Dan Weber (R-40) who serves the Dunwoody, Chamblee, Doraville & Tucker areas will not be returning to the Senate since he has not yet registered and House Representative Fran Millar has already qualified to replace Mr. Weber in the Senate, instead of re-running for the District 79 House seat that he currently holds.

Registration closes Friday therefore anything could happen between now and then but the candidates currently registered for Dunwoody seats are as follows.

State Senator, District 40

Fran Millar
5249 Brooke Farm Dr.
Dunwoody, GA 30338

James Sibold
2317 Littlebrooke Ln
Dunwoody, GA 30338-3188

State Representative, District 79

Tammy Anderson
5250 Meadowcreek Dr
Dunwoody, GA 30338-3807

Tom Taylor
4926 Four Oaks Ct
Dunwoody, GA 30360-1743


silverlining said...

Shame to lose Dan. His public service was a gift. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his service.

Aleister Crowley said...

Hopefully not all the politicians that got us into this mess of cityhood are going to dessert the sinking ship as well.

Those who decided to forgo the Panama Canal and sail us through the treacherous Magellanic Strait should at least stay on board till we get back to the navigable seas we had with DeKalb County.

Bob said...

Have you seen the "navigable seas " of DeKalb County lately?
Brain drain as top managers leave with early retirement packages, a budget deficit that is so huge only the Federal debt can really put it into perspective, and a commission that seems to make fueding with the CEO the County's favorite past time no matter who is office.

All that in just the first sentence alone.
Bob Lundsten

Aleister Crowley said...

All I know is that what we had with DeKalb County was much better than this current crop of pretend Dilettante politicians playing at running a city, who instead of touting what they have done for Dunwoody their strategy is to just continue to belittle DeKalb County workers, thus inciting some Dunwoody citizens to publicly revile DeKalb County firefighters.

Now with their refusal to work with DeKalb County on the parks issue, Dunwoody is going to be in for a world of future trouble - yes, a world of trouble, my brother.

John Heneghan said...

Rep Jill Chambers of District 81 represents about 80 households in Dunwoody and today picked up a challenger, Ms. Elena Parent.

Updated lists of candidates here.

John Heneghan said...

Jim Duffie, a real estate broker has joined the District 40 State Senate race as a Republican which makes that a three way primary race between, Fran Millar, James Sibold and Duffie with the winner now slated to run against Eric Christ the only Democrat in the race.

House race in District 79 is unchanged with both Tom Taylor and Tammy Anderson both vying for the Republican slot with no Democratic challenger.