Friday, April 23, 2010

Dunwoodyschooldaze - a new blog dedicated to Dunwoody Schools.

"Dunwoody Mom" has been a regular commenter and participant on both this and the DeKalb County School Watch Blog and today I would like to point the entire Dunwoody community over to her new blog dedicated to Dunwoody's Schools.

As she states, "My hope is that this blog will turn into a gathering place for information concerning our Dunwoody schools. Our community is blessed in that we have some wonderful schools with caring, giving administrators and teachers. This is a place also to share our stories - good and bad, happy and sad."

Since no one person could know what is happening in all of our schools, I would like to ask community parents involved in various aspects of Dunwoody's fine schools to please regularly feed Dunwoody Mom with information to post. If the postings get to be too much for one person, Dunwoody Mom could grant posting permissions to trusted representatives of the various schools.

The Dunwoody schools are an important part of what makes the Dunwoody community so special and if we together can promote, participate and celebrate in their successes then we as a community all are benefited.

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