Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm so very blessed !! Happy Anniversary Kristin


Heyward said...

Happy Anniversary To both of you!

Glory_Jackson said...

The acceptance that the City of Dunwoody was ever established is at an all time low in that in its close to two years of existence the only meaningful legislation passed by its mayor and city council has been that of the disenfranchisement of four or five of its citizens in preventing them from having a couple of backyard chickens and you attempt to assuage us with this "kissing babies" piece about your wedding anniversary?!

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, but I would think you would come off as less of a disingenuous and calculating politician if you maintained a separate blog for your family doings.

Rick Callihan said...


You should attend a meeting or two before mouthing off about the city. The first year has had lots of issues before council. Although I disagree with council's vote on the chickens, for the most part things have gone well. Every meeting has issues discussed ranging from code enforcement, public safety, roads, etc. Come to the next meeting; I'll save you a seat.

Happy Anniversary John and Kristin. Head over to Mellow Mushroom and put a pitcher of Hoegaarden on my tab.

Glory_Jackson said...

Ah, Ricky darling, so one needs to "...attend a meeting before mouthing off about the city"? I believe I read one of your blogs where you crucified and ridiculed a dedicated and devoted local public school music teacher's methods and you had never attended one of her classroom sessions. I'll bet you think Sarah Palin is the great white hope as well.

And I will have to decline your kind offer of a seat next to you at the next city council meeting with your apparent logic and intelligence failing the smell test so maladroitly. I prefer men with wit, wisdom, and tolerance.

Rick said...

crucified? Not hardly. Not my style. I'll leave crucifying to others. Odd use of words form someone calling themselves 'Glory'.
I did post that I thought her choice of songs for a Christmas concert were not appropriate for this community (and I cited a link to Neal Boortz's page and also comment from people in attendance). I took down the post after a couple of emails. I'm sure she's pleased to see you dragging the old news about her out again. As far as Palin goes, she would have done better than The Chosen One. And to quote some other person, "How's all that Hope and Change working for you anyway?". I prefer a man like Newt to your Savior. You have nothing better to do than post a negative comment on John's anniversary blog post? If you don't want to read about John's life or mine then I suggest you delete the bookmarks from your web browser. I hope some day you will get involved with the city some way, perhaps volunteering for a committee or something like that. The invite to a meeting is still there. Sorry to read you resorting to insults and name-calling.

Glory_Jackson said...

Like I said you made your assessment of the teacher without ever having attended a class room session or the music program. Just like you don't know me, but assumed I was "mouthing off about the city" without having attended a city council meeting. I think "mouthing off" is a bit of name calling there.

But you "thought her choice of songs for a Christmas concert were not appropriate for this community (and I cited a link to Neal Boortz's page and also comment from people in attendance)."

So as self-anointed community censor, what do you think the citizens of Dunwoody would feel was appropriate? I think you under-estimate the intelligence and open-mindedness of the people of Dunwoody. Or were you just toadying up to become Propaganda Minister for the Palin/Gingrich administration?

Regarding your impugnment of our current president - I as a woman of faith who has never voted for a Democrat until Senator Obama ran, find him to be probably the greatest US President since Abraham Lincoln. I also feel that he has been the most "Christian" of presidents in his actions than for all the Karl Rovian sound-bite words that George W. Bush mouthed out of one side of his mouth while out of the other side lying about WMD's in Iraq resulting in our nation's children dying needlessly.

I'm done here, done with this blog as well, just as I was with your blog last year; therefore, any one-up-man-ship on your part shall be in vain. It was very nice not knowing you.

Dunwoody Mom said...

I am a day late, but Happy Anniversary to the Heneghan's!!

And to Glory, this is John's personal blog, he can post what he wants and we, as his readers, enjoy it.

Bob Fiscella said...

John and Kristen - a very Happy Anniversary!!!!

knitternall said...

Happy Anniversary! What a darlin' couple.

Wishbone Nolan said...

So, partner, sorry your wit, as well as your blog's humor, aspires to a plateau no higher than quoting trite Tea Party bumper stickers: "And to quote some other person, 'How's all that Hope and Change working for you anyway?'."

Well, I'm finding hope and change going quite well with our new leader, though I'd be remiss in calling our previous president, GWB, a leader other than president of his "We Got Into Yale Because Our Daddy's Were Wealthy" fraternity.

Why do selfish Tea Partiers have an issue with President Obama wanting to take care of our fellow Americans by providing affordable health care, but had no issues with Bush waging a war predicated on the lies of weapons of mass destruction and in the process spending a trillion dollars of taxpayer money, and killing the babies of American mothers and rendering the MiddleEast unstable for decades to come?

I really think that the brand of tea these Tea Partiers have been drinking causes cretinism - has to be the only explanation.

Platos Republic said...

Glory and Wishbone sure seem like the same person! Well, anyways Mr. Wishbone, I think i prefer to have people take care of themselves instead of having Obama take care of them. Don't you feel guilty for the handouts? Where in our laws does it say the gov't should be responsible for peoples healthcare? and for killing babies, Obama prefers to fund the killing of the babies while they are still in mommy's tummy.

Wishbone Nolan said...

You see this is the type of misinformation that the Tea Partiers have stolen a page out of Joseph Goebbels' book. President Obama's plan does NOT fund abortions!

Regarding handouts, I've never taken a handout in my life. I came from working class parents, I honorably served our country in the military, I raised five children to adulthood that are a credit to our country, three of whom served in the military as well, and please do not insult Ms. Glory by comparing my writing to hers.

And FYI, it is very well known in the Internet world who you really are behind that ill-fitting alias of Plato, so I wouldn't be criticizing those who weren't as fortunate as your own "silver spoon in your mouth" upbringing was for being provided with affordable health-care.

You and Rick can go back to planning how you can finish the conversion of Dunwoody from a caring community to that of your own "Pottersville". I would just like to know how I will get back these five minutes of life in stooping so low to reply to your ludicrous post.