Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take a break from Lemonade Days on Friday to honor one of Dunwoody's own - Jeanette Beck

Ms. Jeanette Beck
Dunwoody Resident & Teacher

My family and I will be spending quite a bit of time at Brook Run park this weekend but Friday evening we will be walking down the block and across the street to Kingswood Church to support and honor a fine Dunwoody resident and teacher of our children, Ms. Jeanette Beck. Please think about joining me there.

From the Dunwoody Crier - It Takes a Dunwoody. If there’s one thing this community is good at (and there are many), it’s opening its heart for neighbors in need.

Many members of the community are familiar with the Jeanette Beck-DeBlasi, her husband Iggy, and three children — 20-year-old twins and teenage son — who have been contributing members of Dunwoody for many years. Jeanette, a teacher at Dunwoody Elementary and a formerly of Chesnut Elementary Charter, and her family have been at the heart of many groups and organizations and are always front and center when it comes to participation and volunteerism.

Some very difficult financial years have been magnified with Jeanette’s recent diagnosis of breast cancer. The onslaught of chemotherapy and radiation treatments have already filled all her vacation days and sick leave from school, thus leaving yet another strain on their family income.

The bright side to all this? A lot of friends, neighbors and family who love the Beck-DeBlasi family are coming to their aid with a fund raising spaghetti dinner. The whole community is invited for this $5-per plate “Beck Bash” dinner scheduled at Kingswood United Methodist Church on Friday, April 16 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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