Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Want to know where crime is happening in Dunwoody, there’s an app for that.

A quick trip to crimereports.com is all it takes for Dunwoody residents to find out what sort of dangers lie outside their front door.

"It's not as safe today," said one resident. "You have to lock your doors, and knowing where these things happen is important."

The Dunwoody police have started uploading their crime statistics to the Web site daily, and you don't even need to be near your computer to stay up to date.

"You can set it on your iPhone," said Sgt. Mike Carlson. "So with just a touch of a button you can know what's going on at your location."

If once-daily reports aren't enough, there are even more details on the Dunwoody police Web site. The new police-to-citizen portal offers access to reports right from the patrol cars.

"Any time the computer is uploaded during the day, it will show you the work officers are conducting out on the road," said Carlson.

Everything from speeding tickets to break-ins are posted on the site, including when, where and who was involved. Some residents said it offered too much information.

"I think they can name the street, but they should leave the victim's name out of it," said resident Maury Gerson.

Carlson said the information loaded on the Web site is public record, and was already available in person.

"We're not putting any information out there that is not readily accessible," said Carlson.

But Gerson said putting it on the Web makes access too easy.

"That takes effort to go down to the police station and get that information," said Gerson. "This is out to the general public."

Carlson said all reports are approved before they are uploaded to make sure children and victims of sexual assaults are not identified.

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