Friday, July 30, 2010

DeKalb Fire adds Advanced Life Support transport ambulance at Station # 12 on Roberts Rd in Dunwoody.

Photo of Station 18 Vehicle

Dunwoody has received word that DeKalb Fire Rescue has placed Rescue 12 in service today as an Advanced Life Support transport ambulance at Station # 12


The said...

Barbara Robinson recommended your blog... WOW so glad she did .
Thanks, Joy

Bob said...

Just a brief note on STOP signs on DCD.
Dont be surprised if a stop sign mysteriously appear on DCD.
Stop signs were put in place in Dunwoody Club Forest to slow traffic, and in fact referenced by advocates for stop signs on DCD.
Stop signs are NOT to be used to slow speeding.
No studies were done for the signs in Dunwoody Club Forest.
They were put in because certain councilmen do not like speed bumps and pushed stop signs instead. Mike Smith knows this as does Warren.
They will make excuses but they know the facts.
Bad idea
Every traffic engineer in the country will tell you that stop signs used to control speed are actually more dangerous than helpful. More accidents are caused by illegal stop signs.
Want to slow traffic, write tickets
and disregard the whinners that complain about them