Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dunwoody resident Bobbe Gillis makes run for DeKalb County School Board.

Bobbe Gillis

Dunwoody resident Ms. Bobbe Gillis splashed on to the campaign scene Monday with her first public event at the Dunwoody Parade by not riding in the back of a convertible, but instead she rode her bike along the two mile route.  Since all politicians were prohibited from walking the route, Bobbe was as far as I could tell, the only politician who traversed the route without the help of an electric or gas powered motor.

I am personally excited by Bobbe entering this race along side incumbent Jim Redovian and Ms. Nancy Jester.  I look forward to learning more about the candidates and where they stand on the issues.  The DeKalb County School System is now in a state of flux with the indictments and resignations of the upper management therefore a heated three way campaign for the school board seat will raise questions and issues that need to be discussed as well as inform the community of the candidates priorities for the future.  Once the July elections are over, I contend that this will be the local race to watch in November.

As reported by the Dunwoody Crier, Bobbe Gillis joins Nancy Jester and school board incumbent Jim Redovian on the ballot. Gillis and her husband and two children have been Dunwoody residents for 10 years, saying they moved to the city to take advantage of the public schools. Their daughter was graduated from the last fifth-grade class at Austin and will be a seventh-grader at Peachtree Charter Middle School this fall. Their son is entering second grade at Austin.

Gillis is a graduate of the former Henderson High in DeKalb and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia. She is the owner of Bobbe Gillis Professional Art Services. Through her company she has supported art programs in several Dekalb County schools by her active participation and donations. Dekalb County School of the Arts, Evansdale Elementary, Lakeside High School, Briarlake Elementary, Austin Elementary, Dunwoody Elementary, and Peachtree Charter Middle School have all been beneficiaries.

Gillis has been a Girl Scout leader the last six years and teaches Sunday School at New Hope Church. She hopes to use her business background to implement change in the school system.


Glory_Jackson said...

Well, John, I'm a bit hesitant about voting for a school board member that is a part of a Sunday School that spells "Vaction Bible School" without the second "a" in "Vacation" at their web site at

Hopefully, she'll have it corrected upon reading this comment.

Famous FarmHouser said...


glad you have your priorities in order; deciding on a candidate based on a simple spelling error, one she had no control over. Just as dumb as voting for a community organizer for president. Go get 'em glory jackson

Glory_Jackson said...

The young lady is running running for school board and if John listed her as a Sunday School teacher and the title of her Sunday School's web site is spelled incorrectly in bold letters this should give one pause about voting for this SCHOOL board member.

But what is most disturbing is that as this conversation was regarding a school board election you chose to denigrate our current United States President. And if you must know why I voted for him, it is because not only is he eloquent and articulate, but he is perhaps the American statesman with the most integrity since Jimmy Carter and prior to that Adlai Stevenson or Abraham Lincoln.

And his record to date is still one of integrity. Thus far he has not lied about weapons of mass destruction and then sent thousands of the bravest youth American has to their deaths as the chicken-hawk George W. Bush did.

He has not said that he knows about Russia because he can see it from his back porch as the heroine of the neo-Nazi Tea Party fanatics Sara Palin claims.

And he certainly doesn't want to deny our children a proper education by insisting that intelligent design be taught in our our schools and the theory evolution banned.

Really ignorance like yours "Farmer" really scares me and makes me think that the film "Idiocracy" was quite a prescient satire.

Famous FarmHouser said...


Did Jim R point out that spelling error to you? Did you lose faith when Barry claimed to have visited 57 states?

If you don't like the idea of a mother of Christian faith running for school board then just say that. I know you are a liberal, and that is OK with me.

Aside of her church's web site having a spelling error and her being a mother and a Christian, is there anything else you don't like about this lady running for school board? Should she don a burqa and pray toward the local Qibla to get your vote?

Glory_Jackson said...

Ah, Farmer how your bigotry and stereotyping blinds you! Actually I am a practicing Christian woman and was a Republican and more conservative than William Buckley or Barry Goldwater until I saw the party being hijacked by ignorant small minded racists, homophobes, and cowardly chicken-hawks and saw a good man of integrity in Barack Obama.

I have no issue with this school board candidate being Christian and never stated or inferred that. My issue is that if she is going to run for school board then the organization that she is affiliated with as a teacher should spell the title of their program correctly.

However, you Farmer, are very scary with the nefarious hatred you express towards our President and Muslims. I am now frightened that I commented with my real name here.

Famous FarmHouser said...

Have no fear Glory, I mean you no harm. Very clever how you paint me as a bigot and a possible threat to you; classic liberal technique to discredit, name call, and demonize all not in your left-wing camp. Your claim to have been conservative and now a liberal is your way to discredit the Republican party (a party I do not support), a technique seen over and over. Go to the candidate forum tonight and see if your pal Jim R shows up to defend his blind support of Crawford Lewis. I want to hear him explain why he gave Lewis a bonus/raise knowing Lewis was under investigation. Jim has done nothing for the area and needs replaced by one of the two ladies. I could care less which one wins, as long as Jim does not win.

Glory_Jackson said...

Sorry Farmer, but not convinced that you are harmless. Take a look in the mirror and think how did you get to be the type of creepy paranoid guy that out of the blue takes a discussion as to whether it is necessary for a school board member to be able to spell and turn it into a hate-filled diatribe against our country's President and its Muslim citizens.

You really need to petition your Imperial Wizard that in addition to the free laundering of your bed linen whether he can add mental health care to your benefits package.

It was really nice not knowing you, but if you ever have a Saul to St. Paul transmogrifying epiphany, then drop me a line (I'm in the directory) and I'll buy you a coffee (though a decaf, so's not to set you off).

Famous FarmHouser said...

Keep up the attack, Glory. You look better every time. Care to insult my grandparents or George Bush or Reagan next?

Were you at the political event last night? I'd like to know your thoughts.

I did find this tidbit on the web, just for you. Barry incorrectly spelled 'Syracuse' in his basketball pool.

Aleister Crowley said...

Now this exchange just got so uninteresting. I'm so done reading this.

Your retort was merely a Ralph Cramden stammering "Humaduh, humaduh, humaduh,...)?! Hey thick thighed man, just as sure as you can't pronounce my name, you got beat at your own game.

Just admit it, and cast your last feeble stone, place your tail between your legs...then go on home, but please leave the clever lady alone; you're clearly not in her league of wit or insight.

Famous FarmHouser said...

Welcome back, Aleister. All we need now is Wishbone to join you and Glory for a hate-filled lovefest threesome.

Glory_Jackson said...

Looks like you're the only one fuming with enmity here Farmer, with your ad hoc rants against our wonderful President and our country's Muslim citizens. That's why I find you a bit frightening. All that hatred came out of the blue, completely off the topic. I guess hate has no bounds, but then so does love, and I do love you Farmer, I just wish you'd get some help with that anger problem.