Friday, July 30, 2010

Dunwoody School News - Construction Meeting on Aug 4th and School starts on August 9th.

School starts Monday August 9th

The DeKalb County School System announces a meeting to update community members and parents on Region 1 construction projects - including Dunwoody High School and Vanderlyn Elementary School. The meeting will be held August 4th, 6:00 PM at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

Dunwoody HS parents will have an opportunity to meet the new principal, Mr. Rodney Swanson, receive information regarding parking, traffic flow, and other important details to start the school year.

Dunwoody HS PTSO Newsletter - Back to School Edition.  Full of information re: construction, parking, etc., "Dunwoody Roar" - Back to School Edition

School Supply Lists and Dress Code Sales Information – Old Navy

Peachtree MS & Dunwoody HS Receive STEM Labs Grant


dunwoodydad said...

The Principle has his work cut out for him to meet expectations. A city's high school is a direct reflection of a city's efficiency, possibly the most important measurable reflection.

Good luck going forward. I expect good things, but understand what we are dealing with in a steaming, corrupted, failing hot mess of a system.

One thing is certain, DHS will show marked improvement in the "halftime stomp" at this year's basketball games. Let's try and keep the pants off the ground eh?

I was going to say good luck and good fortune, but the last administration corned the fortune market for the next couple of years.

John Heneghan said...

Recap of the Dunwoody High School Meeting as found on the Dunwoody School Daze blog.

Recap of the Dunwoody High School Meeting