Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday July 26th Dunwoody City Council Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 26th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
7:00 p.m. - Watch Live
Meeting Agenda
  • Proclamation Commending Tom Taylor.
  • Recognition of Officer Joseph Tomalka for Educational Accomplishments.
  • Introduction of Trina Gallien, Dunwoody Municipal Court Clerk.
  • Proclamation Commemorating One-Year Anniversary of Dunwoody Community Garden
  • Certified City of Ethics Presentation.
  • Presentation of Awards for the 2010 Fiscal Budget.
  • Resolution Establishing Park Facility Rental Fees
    Proposed Text Amendments to Chapter 20, Signs, and Chapter 27, Zoning, Article III, Overlay District Regulations, §20-1276, Sign Regulations.
  • SECOND READ – Ordinance to Amend Chapter 20, Signs, and Chapter 27, Zoning, Article III, Overlay District Regulations, §20-1276, Regulations.
  • SECOND READ – Ordinance to Amend Chapter 16, Land Development, Article 2, §16-254(4) Regarding Permissible Uses Within the City 75-Foot Stream Buffer.
  • Update on speeding on Dunwoody Club Drive
  • Resolution Authorizing the Acquisition of North DeKalb Cultural Arts Center and Library.
  • FIRST READ – Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 4, Alcohol, for modifying the requirements relating to package sale distances from private dwellings.


Bob said...

John How can you have a second read and presumably a vote on a sign ordinance that has bee changed so many times that it no longer resembles what was reviewed and passed by the Community Council and Planning Commission?
At best this final DRAFT that has been passed around by the sign commmittee, staff and the Council; rewritten after each meeting; and the draft to be discussed not available to the public unitl the Friday before Mondays meeting, now needs a complete review and public discussion.
I would also suggest that you get the business that will be impacted to commment on these changes

Joe Hirsch said...

Bob, I noted at the first read that the sign ordinance was actually not even available to the public when the rest of the agenda was posted because it wasn't ready in time. I think it was finally posted online at about 9 pm on that Friday. Every resident, business and institution is affected by this new code, yet not one member of council responded to my request to delay. So much for transparency.

John Heneghan said...

Bob / Joe,

Read the Sign Memo, staff has serious concerns over a number of items therefore I also have concerns. I agree that the entire calculation method for allowing larger signs changed without input of the CC & PC and staff also has issues with the verbiage therefore we may want to punt this one more time. Please speak at Public Hearing.

"The concerns staff has are related to sign proliferation, and the idea that the maximum allowable sign message area and sign structure bulk belie the proposed plans for Dunwoody’s commercial corridors. Staff is also cognizant of certain proposed clauses that could suffer constitutional challenges.

If it is the intent in the future to make Dunwoody a walkable community, then it would appear inappropriate to make signs larger if made to be viewed at a pedestrian scale. A sign structure nearly four-stories tall and twenty-feet wide is not meant to be viewed by pedestrians; it’s made to be viewed by cars passing at interstate speeds. Creating larger signs will not necessarily compel business owners to reduce existing ground signage and instead co-locate on newer, larger signs; it may simply create more large signs, especially when ground signs are permissible for every lot of record."

Chip said...

Has the item regarding 911 services and the creation of a Dunwoody Fire Department been dropped from this agenda? The media were reporting that July 26 was a supposed "deadline" for making a decision....although I never understood why.