Friday, October 29, 2010

Chick-Fil-A is looking for a double drive thru allowing 22 cars at Mt. Vernon and Dunwoody Club.

Rendering of 22 cars in the proposed double drive thru

This evening I first attended the pre-submittal meeting of Chick-Fil-A possibly requesting a rezoning change at the Blockbuster site at the corner of Mount Vernon and Dunwoody Club.  There were about 30 people in attendance, no formal presentation but there were a few conceptual drawings around the room.  Since a Chick-Fil-A is currently allowed on the site but the current zoning classification for the area does not allow a drive thru; therefore that and possible traffic implications is what I tried to pay attention to when various people were discussing the matter.  I heard both pro and con regarding the drive thru and a number of concerns regarding the locations of the curb cuts and traffic flow.  Rezonings are a long process with this evenings meeting just being step one, it is my job to listen to all sides all the way up to the pubic hearing in front of City Council before I take a formal stand on the issue.  Please weigh in and give me your thoughts.

It appears that Chick-Fil-A is scheduled to present their thoughts at the November 7th meeting of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association and i hope to be in attendance listening to the conversation.

Since much of the discussion I was involved in with residents seemed to revolve around the comprehensive land use plan I decided to pull out that document to review that area again (page 17 of 98 in the pdf).

This is what it says about the Jett Ferry area, Neighborhood-scale commercial node focused on providing a unique destination for surrounding residents, creating a pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment through multi-use paths, streetscape, and well-designed parking areas and vehicular access. Cohesive architectural design and streetscaping will define gateways into the City of Dunwoody. A unifying design feature such as way-finding signage or city marker will link the gateway with the rest of the City.

Future Development
• Height: Maximum up to 3 stories
• Form: Jett Ferry node with buildings oriented towards the three major commercial roads (Mount Vernon Road, Dunwoody Club Drive and Jett Ferry Road); public functional green space; new development will carefully consider parking; high quality building and landscaping materials; pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets with way-finding signage and/or public art. Transitional buffer zones will appropriately protect any adjacent residential
• Uses: Retail use, neighborhood-scale commercial (no large-scale retail big-box”); mixeduse, allowing residential up to 8 units to the acre

• Land Use and Economic Development
o Establish gateway with features that define “arrival” to City of Dunwoody
o Allow for redevelopment of existing vacancies
o Re-orient site layout to reduce surface parking and create public plaza
o Retain quality materials and landscaping
o Leverage existing restaurants and gourmet food stores to cultivate a unique outdoor dining and café experience
o Public art helps create a sense of place
o Quality materials establish orderliness but not necessarily character or sense of place


Ellen Fix said...

This plan from Chick-fil-A looks a 100% nicer, and a definite upgrade, from what that space looks like currently. Let's go for it. I think it would be a slap in the face of both businesses and residences if we disallowed this fine restaurant chain--including drive-thrus--from opening in this location.

Joe Seconder said...

It's not about the restaurant, it's about the drive-thru. Studies show they are the number one cause for Trip Generators, meaning more traffic. GDOT would love to widen Mt Vernon to 4 lanes. Look at the Chick-fil-a on the other end of Mt Vernon. Traffic is a mess. Compare the Starbucks across the street (no drive-thru) to the one in Dunwoody Village. Both are profitable. The drive-thru in the Village causes backups.

Without a drive-thru, other shop owners might see more customers as they are now on foot and could do some window shopping.

The current zoning is NS - Neighborhood Shopping, which allows for restaurant without drive-thru. If the variance for the drive-thru is allowed, this will set a legal precedence for the rest of the city to allow drive-thrus.

It DEFINITELY does not follow with the wishes of the citizens, mayor and council from our official and approved Comprehensive Land Use Plan which Mr. Heneghan has quoted.

I have a few more arguments here:

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

With any type of "plan" paperwork, the issue is not necessarily the wording, it's in the interpretation.

I don't know anyone who is opposed to ensuring that those who prefer to use bikes or walk have a safe avenue to do so. But there is a HUGE difference between adding these capabilities alongside those who wish and/or need to use their cars and creating a conflict with a zero-sum conculsion where those with one preference (bikes and walking in thise case) make life difficult for those with the other preference (cars).

Given that the wording of the "comprehensive plan" du jour is open to interpretation, it would do City Council members and community activists to avoid absolutes.

Realistically, you're not going to get all of Dunwoody to park their cars forever. It's just not happening, no matter how much a certain committee envisions it. Equally realistically, you can't bully businesses and their customers into abandoning drive-throughs. If drive-throughs are being considered and/or used around town, it's because the people want to use them.

So those of you on Council and on whatever Committee is pushing their agenda, you have two options. One will encourage your vision while allowing individuals the freedom to make their own choices. The other will cause more conflict and backlash and may hinder your own efforts.

Let's look at the first option. More bike racks for bike parking? Absolutely! Ensure bike lanes on newly-paved or rebuilt streets? Go for it! Create educational programs for bikers and other drivers so that they can share the road, obey the law, be safe and be held accountable for their conduct in their vehicles, whatever they are? Big time! Do you have to hinder those who choose or need to use their cars to accomplish any of this? Not one bit.

Let's look at the other option. For every improvement that encourages biking, motor vehicles are discouraged. What this means is this committee and their "plan" is making judgement calls and choices FOR other citizens. That comittee is effectively telling the rest of the city how to travel - without any variation from their own personal vision and without any allowance for people who can't use bikes for whatever reason. And on top of that is a claimed moral superiority that is far from conclusive.

It is in any committee's best interest to both promote their vision while allowing each person to make their choices. I don't care how intelligent or educated you are, how many honors you have received, or how many friends you have. You do NOT have the right to decide for me or my family how we travel. You do NOT have the right to dictate to me how to use business services. And you really do NOT have the right to tell me what my wishes are. No one is that bright.

John, we both know this isn't "just" about Chick-fil-A. You promoted a plan on your blog that would hinder the businesses (and their customers) along Jett Ferry Rd. It would also create a nightmare for people getting in and out of All Saints church every day of the week. You and your cohorts can get a whole lot further if you add options for everyone rather than substituting one for the other at the whim of a small group of people. You might even get people to sign on to your POV, rather than resist it.

If you the citizenry how to use the roads, you're going to have major resistance. (And maybe lose the next election.) If you promote additional options, (like including bike lanes and bike parking) everyone comes away a winner.

Rob said...

Rob Augustine said:

There's no way GDOT is giong to widen Mt. Vernon to 4 lanes. This is just another misleading statement in the parade of horrors that Joe is espousing.

There's no way to compare this Chick-fil-A location to the one over at Perimeter Point. One, the other Chick-fil-A never affects traffic on Mt. Vernon at all. Any issues are totally inside the site. The problem occurs because the stacking lane is way to short; maybe 4 vehicles and it easily backs up into the parking lot driveway. This problem was created by a too constricted site layout, and it can be corrected by revising the site layout inside the center. But it has never affected Mt. Vernon traffic at all.

Many people need to have the drive through for their lifestyle - young children, etc. You really can't say this place has a drive thru and this one doesn't and yet it's profitable. It's just not realistic - these types of food restaurants use drive thrus and we have two right next door with never a problem.

For you to say this doesn't follow the wishes of the citizens is not accurate either. Many citizens love Chick-fil-A and are very much in favor of a nice new restauarant at this location.

Finally, keep in mind that the purpose of this site configuration is to prevent any back up problems. It is overkill on the stacking ability of the drive thru set up. There's plenty of queue space here to accomodate the drive thru users.

Plus, with the outdoor seating, this would be a very nice layout that we all could enjoy: walk-ups, those who park and go inside, and those who order at the drive thru.

You are not going to find a better corporate citizen than Chick-fil-A, and this is a great opportunity to turn a vacant space into something nice for the citizens.

Mom99 said...

I would like to see the Chick Fil A opening in Dunwoody. This location would allow my family to walk or bike instead of driving all the way across Dunwoody. I love the large outdoor seating area. The drive through will be fine. It is large enough to handle a large volume of cars. The shopping center has 5 different entrances/exits so I don’t see huge backups. Everyone likes to compare it to the Chick fil A at Perimeter Point but this is a very different set up. Chick Fil A does so much for our local schools we need to welcome them to our city. I am so tired of all the empty store fronts in this area, it’s time for something new.

Sarah Rogue said...

This will be good to have a good Republican Christian company there. I and my family will eat there a lot.

I did not like a lot of the movies that they rented in that movie rental place. They were not movies that children should see.

Joe Seconder said...
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Joe Seconder said...

Just curious, friends. What do you think about a nice round-about at that intersection? And maybe a linear park over on Jett Ferry?

Bob said...

I doubt the neighborhood support would be there if this was a KYSTALs instead of a Chick fil a
Some one said last night it is about filling vacancies at the Center. Please
You had a user that wanted the whole former Ace hardware site, but you all decided that GoodWill was not a good neighbor for Dunwoody

Stop telling everyone they are a good company and therefore should be allowed to change ths zoning and move it.

Zoning maps are blind, you do not zone based on the end user.

You also do not come up with a Comp Plan and then discard it because you all like Chick Fil A sandwiches.

and while there may be a double stacking for coming in they all exit through a single lane.

But hey lets all throw out everything we have said and planned because god we love those waffle fries

How would you all feel about a 2nd Tilted Kilt at the location?
No rezoning required for that

abhinav said...

I like the Chick-Fil-A idea, but how about a one lane drive thru instead of two. The traffic at the Dunwoody Club/Mt. Vernon intersection is already horrendus.

Coming from th U.K, i like the idea of a roundabout, however Jett Ferry shouldn't be turned into a park. That would just add to the traffic on Dunwoody Club.

GaryRayBetz said...

Bob - very insightful comments!

Chip said...

I don't know what got SDOC's knickers in such a twist, but for all the individualist rhetoric used, he misses a central point: cities regulate zoning to establish quality of life and to promote balanced usage among competing interests. The current classification of that parcel is NS-Neighborhood Shopping, which does NOT allow for drive-thru. Any plan, regardless of how much we like/dislike the potential occupant will require a re-zoning or variance. The question remains, is this new zoning consistent with the master plan drawn up under "local control."

Rob Augustine and I have gone over this point several times, Rob thinks "local control" is best under every circumstance. I've argued that "local control" is no better than "remote control" depending on the character and interests of who's running the show.

Rob errs when he says that the Chick-fil-A in Perimeter Pointe has no parallel with this situation. Actually, it is very relevant. The queue length at Perimeter Point is too short to meet the demand at rush periods, so traffic backs up into adjoining areas. Rob mentions this, but then he concludes that the Chick-fil-A plan eliminates the problem by double-stacking the queue to jam more cars into a shorter space.

That approach is inherently wrong, in my opinion. As Joe S. points out, the drive-thru is a traffic generator, and the roads have to be adapted and capable of handling this traffic. In the situation at hand, the heavy west bound traffic in the morning, coupled with the heavy east-bound traffic in the evening, the unprotected and uncontrolled intersection with N.Peachtree Road and the parking lot entrances and exits, plus the "cut through" traffic from Mt. Vernon to Dunwoody Club to avoid the light at Saffron/Mt.Vernon/Dunwoody Club all make the potential traffic congestion a serious concern, and it's all because of the "drive thru".

And, I can tell you that the Perimeter Pointe restaurant is far from the only Chick-fil-A with problems associated with a congested drive-thru. Check out the one at Cumberland Mall on Cobb Parkway, or the one in Vinings at Paces Ferry and I-285.

And, since I often have to chide Rob for not thinking thru things, I can hardly agree that sitting in the lovely outdoor plaza with two lanes of traffic idling and "creeping" forward thru the lanes within 50 feet of me is "fine, casual dining." Maybe it is to Rob, et. al. But, I can get that at any Checker's or Sonic with a Drive-thru.

A drive thru in this location is just a poor idea. Even if the traffic problems were solved (which they'll have to be before the variance even has a chance!) it's still not going to serve the long-term interest in upgrading this Dunwoody gateway.


SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

No one's knickers are twisted, and no point got missed. I simply took a broader view of the issue. The "comprehensive plan" is being used to justify systematically eliminating certain conveniences that drivers currently use. Mr. Seconder already aluded to another post where drive-through establishments could potentially be hindered via repurposing Jett Ferry Road as a park, rather than a road.

I didn't comment specifically on the question of rezoning the old Blockbuster for a drive through. But I did question the interpretation of the comprehensive plan and how it is being applied to these situations. Sorry if the dots weren't close enough together.

I can admit I don't know enough about measuring traffic to deterimine if a drive-through restaurant is a good idea for that spot. I'd feel alot better about whatever decision is made if an impartial expert came in to evaluate the question. And no one here is that expert.

anonymous30338 said...

I have read the Comp Plan and find NO reference to Dunwoody banning additional drive-thrus in this area or any other area of Dunwoody. But rather, I think some here are making a personal interpretation of what the broad, general descriptive language in the Comp Plan means to them. Sorry, but I disagree with that interpretation. The Comp Plan language used does not mean "no drive-thrus" to me.

Yes, the property is not currently zoned for drive-thrus, but that's why we have a rezoning process. Let's let the drive-thru rezoning request go the normal channels and be evaluated on whether the specific issues raised have been properly addressed by the petitioner.

Aleister Crowley said...

Excuse me please, but if we did build a nice round-about at that intersection as Joe suggests, could we maybe have the band "Yes" play the same at the dedication? Oh, please, let's do!

Dunwoody Mom said...
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Gil said...

John, has Chick-fil-a indicated that it will consider moving forward with this location only if it can be granted a variance for a drive-through?

Rob said...

Rob Augustine

Just a response to Chip on the drive thru and stacking and comparison of Chick-fil-A at Perimeter Pointe to the proposed Old Blockbuster site:

There is a very clear difference between the two sites. It was at least partially at the instance of the DHA that the Perimeter Pointe site was built the way it is. Clearly, the site is too constricted.

The stacking lane from the order point back to the driveway through the shopping center is about four or five cars. Obviously way too short.

The drive thru for the new Chick-fil-A at the vacant Blockbuster's is now set up to handle upt to 22 or so stacking spaces.

How someone could conclude or argue that these two iterations are the same is beyond me.

Clearly, the vacant Blockbuster Chick-fil-A will provide 4 to 5 times more stacking space on the inbound side. And, as far as outbound, well you don't have a stacking problem there as the people who want to use the drive thru will be exiting and entering into the various drives, 5 exits, and roadways around the site.

I'm sure a true traffic engineer will provide details of how this is supposed to operate as well as detailed trip counts for the new Chick-fil-A. This is all part of the process. But I fail to see how arguments about traffic will prevent approval for this use. In fact, under Georgia law the local government does not get to use "traffic" as the decider for land use decisions.

Further, if "drive-thru's" are not per se prohibited at this time, it will again be next to impossible to deny a legitimate use, one that is alrady common in the City, including a drive-thru permit.

Finally, the idea that this site could be used for a Tilted Kilt a tilt-a-whirl, or any other use is not relevant either. At least not in the world of conditionally approved zoning. If the site gets approval, it should be for use as a Chick-fil-A conditioned upon the site plan submitted to exact specifications. This cuts down on the parade of horrors some are presenting as a possibility with allowing Chick-fil-A to operate on the site.

The facts are that yes, Chick-fil-A is a very desirable user and would benefit our neighborhood and the various community functions they support as a matter of course a great deal. That it is certainly most likely that the configuration now proposed (or as may be adjusted during the zoning review process) is going to eliminate the problems associated with too short a queue for the drive thru line as seen on some other Chick-fil-A's. And that given the choice between this particular use and a vacant space, or some potential user in the future that we have no idea of, it is better to move forward with a known positive like Chick-fil-A.

I recognize differing viewpoints here, but Chip you need not pedantically chide me for any points I've made. I think you need to think things through and understand that the community is going to be able to work with Chick-fil-A to make this a positive situation. Having vacant properties is not a good idea. It means no business for the property owners, less tax revenues for the city, and certainly nothing appealing to visit or shop at for the commercial site. All of this diminishes the area and leaves open the real potential that your parade of horrors might actually come true -- when the owner is desperate for a tenant, the owner may try to lease to anyone.

Robert Wittenstein said...

pedant, nown, a person who puts unnecessary stress on minor or trivial points of learning, displaying a scholarship lacking in judgment or sense of proportion.
(I had to look it up.)
Robert Wittenstein

Aleister Crowley said...

You know Gil's comments, or just the fact that Gil commented, got me thinking. Why don't we entice a good fish diner to open up in that spot?

We really don't have a decent fish restaurant in Dunwoody; we already have chicken places by the coup full, and the quality of chicken served at Chick-Fil-A really isn't that great, not enough to destroy our Dunwoody small town ambiance, least not in that beautiful part of town.

If you all let the Chick-Fil-A corporation con you all into getting their foot in the door with multiple drive through's, then you can kiss the quaintness of that area of town good-bye.

Having a Chick-Fil-A in a mall parking lot is one thing, but putting one with multiple drive-through's within 50 meters of Dunwoody homes is quite another. I say no to this zoning variance to accommodate a large corporation over our neighbors!

Rob said...

Rob Augustine said -

Please note, I did not use the adverbial form of the word pedant to refer to Chip personally. I was only referring to some of his comments as having a pedantic tenor; i.e, they were off the main point and overly focused on minor issues. Somewhat akin to being in a "nanny" state, as I have heard from other commentators who complain of a patronizing or overly interfering body of rulers.

So, I am not saying Chip is a pedant. I might say, however, that if he really were or wanted to be a pedant, he would undoubtedly be a very good one.

dunwoodydad said...

Brilliant idea with the turnaround Joe, we can high five each other as we pass. And who does not love to picnic around exhaust fumes and parking lots? We'll feed the pigeons and budgies, tea and crumpets by exhaust flumes, pure splendor. Pip pip, cheerio. BTW, when is Dunwoody going to use eminent domain to wrest swaths of land from the residents for the bike paths that less than 5% of the community will use?
Did the council vote on a tomato tax yet?

BrookRunner said...

if the neighbors don't want empty buildings and since Rob wants jobs and taxes for the area, why nit invite Goodwill Industries to the Ace location? I'd say Goodwill provides a service to the community equal to Chick Fil A.

Rob said...

And I'd say you were wrong BrookRunner. Goodwill location at ACE hardware site would actually be a draw from well beyond the local neighborhood and community. The Goodwill sites draw from a much wider, regional area than a neighborhood Chick-fil-A. Why just look at how many Goodwill's there are in wide ranging locations and see the cars in parking lot with license plates from various counties. No way these two uses are even similar.

But you do bring up a good point: having Chick-fil-A would provide some good jobs for folks. Especially for youth. I am very impressed with the young people working at every Chick-fil-A I've been to. They are courteous, helpful, well trained, and outstanding workers. Chick-fil-A is doing something right with these young people.

Aleister Crowley said...

We've yet to have a Chick-Fil-A get our order right. Just the other day, they put a tub of chicken salad in our bag instead of the chicken strip salad we ordered, and left out the honey mustard sauce that we requested for my daughter.

We just won't patronize a Chick-Fil-A again, as we don't have time for them to get our order right, unlike some folks who have all the time in the world to do nothing but sit in the benevolent charity Goodwill's parking-lots to check out the cars' license plates to determine what county the drivers hail from.

Rob said...

Aleister, you are a riot.

I think your idea of having a Fish Diner instead of chicken or anything else establishment may be a solution for those who are suffering from Fish 'n Chips withdrawal syndrome.

Funny, Chick-fil-A has never gotten my order wrong. But, hey, if you prefer a Captain D's or a Red Lobster, then what red blooded American would stand in your way? I suppose you want Guinness with that as well.

As for the license plates, well I'm an observant guy. My many trips to Goodwill both at the old Circuit City location and the one on Mansell Road in Roswell confirm that these stores draw form a wide area. But no, I'm not doing a survey or a study. Just keeping my eyes open in case a myopic English driver approaches from the wrong lane!!

Aleister Crowley said...

Ah, Rob, with your rejoinder:

"Just keeping my eyes open in case a myopic English driver approaches from the wrong lane!!"

I must defer to you as the better wit. Well played, my good man, well played!

Sarah Rogue said...

Forget about the drive thrus! Watch Fox news or go to their web site and look what a great election day it turned out to be for Republicans, Christians, and the Tea Party movement! A great day for America!

Sarah Rogue said...

Good news in the Dekalb school board race as well. Hopefully she will try to ban the teaching of evolution and bring in Bible intelligence designed creation. I voted for her with that impression that she would.

I am just so pleased with all the good Christian Tea Party victories tonight that I couldn't sleep but Im exhausted now with looking at all the results and will say good nighty.

DunwoodyTalk said...

I knew this day would happen - I agree with GaryRay and Aleister. No drive-thru. If you want to fill a vacancy and create jobs call Goodwill to open a store at the former Ace hardware location.

KingsleyResident said...

"Transitional buffer zones will appropriately protect any adjacent residential"

This is my main concern, and I am not satisfied with Chick-fil-A's plans. If they were building their drive thru in the back of the lot, like where CVS is, that would be one thing, but I am not thrilled about having it right across the street.

Dunwoody Dad said...

Last month, Dunwoody hired the first Economic Development Director for the city.

Why do we need to fund this position, Chick-Fil-A is a prime example that people in Dunwoody do not want any businesses to open here. This is truly an unfriendly business town!

Sarah Rogue said...

That is really unfair! Dunwoody has really friendly people! Maybe you should go to church to find them. I bet that if Chick-fil-A is built you can meet friendly people there too.

Dunwoody Dad said...


I would love to meet people at a new Chick-Fil-A in Dunwoody at that location, but the people/council will never let it be built!

John Heneghan said...

Bob Fiscella gives a nice recap on his blog of the DHA meeting which included heavy discussion of Chick-fil-a as well as details of the Georgetown Kroger renovation and expansion.

Gil said...

Based purely upon observation, chickens don't have a great track record in the City of Dunwoody.

Ross said...

I don't see a drive-thru of any size posing a problem for traffic. The location isn't exactly conducive for patronization by those not already passing through. Therefore, wouldn't the restaurant merely be a convenience for people already using the surrounding roads? Sure, go ahead and have a traffic expert investigate the proposition, but at the end of the day, most neighbors wouldn't mind having a productive, positive business in an otherwise vacant lot. Not to mention, Aleister, the last time I wanted fish & chips, I... well, I didn't get any! I went out and got some fried chicken and sweet tea like a real man should. USA! USA!

GaryRayBetz said...

So, I'll end all this discussion with just this - as my Chicago rearing inclines me to say, "Oh yea? I got something you can drive-thru, right here, buddy!"

GaryRayBetz said...

Also, if anyone is interested in them, I have coupons for free food at Chick-Fil-A; however, they are only good on Sundays.

Atlantan99 said...

I don't live in Dunwoody but would be in favor of the planned CFA if I did. More on my reasoning can be found on my blog ToNeTo Atlanta ...

John Heneghan said...

Thanks Atlantan99 for the comment and your article on the Tomorrow's News Today blog which discusses new restaurants and businesses opening in Atlanta. I have enjoyed your past articles on Dunwoody business changes and respect the work you put into your blog. Thanks for giving us your opinion on this matter.

To make it easier for my readers I have created an html link to your article.


Chip said...

Sorry, All. I missed all the responses to my post in the sturm und drang of my daily life during that particular period.

In short order, to my correspondent Rob Augustine I say, I am often lulled into pedantic exchange with you because you so simplistically and consistently gloss over the "real issues" in favor of boosterism.

While you reference Georgia state law, asserting that challenging zoning for "traffic" issues is prohibited, you fail to point out that the current zoning classification of NS-Neighborhood Shopping expressly prohibits drive-thrus, the new classification C-1 has mandatory parking requirements and set-back requirement that the current site does not and cannot meet, and that the drive-thru is the entire focus of the problem. Simply using the "more of the same" approach by adding queue length to a single drive solves problems on the lot, but doesn't solve the turn-in, turn-out impact to Mt. Vernon and Dunwoody Club during peak rush hours. Saying that we have two or five other "drive thrus" in the same general area is also misleading, as none of these drive thrus are along the major traffic corridors, as this one is.

Chick Fil A glossed over this point in their presentation to the DHA. Simply averaging in-outs over the entire 24 hr day and saying traffic is barely impacted versus adding an additional 80-140 turn-in/outs per hour during peak times.

Since CFA hasn't actually applied for the variance, yet, the City of Dunwoody hasn't had to take official action. But, from the preliminary information supplied by CFA at the DHA, they're really not motivated to look "outside" their site plan (and legally, they aren't required to.)


GaryRayBetz said...

Well done, Chip! So, perhaps there is hope for the savoir vivre of this city, which would allow Schiller and Goethe to feel right at home here, that you did reference "Sturm und Drang" in your comment in a local blog.

Lea said...

I am 100% in favor of the Chick Filet coming to our community! I am baffled by the reluctance of the Dunwoody Home Owners Association. Isn't the purpose of a business area to actually have businesses rather than vacant buildings! Also, we would have to search to find a better business organization to invite into our community. I am certain that including Chick Filet into our little restaurant/shopping area enhance the area and will actually draw more businesses to fill the other vacant store fronts.
And by the way, what is the fear of a double drive thru?? Don't people realize that a double drive thru creates LESS traffic because the cars move through faster!

Come on Chick Filet....I'd like to be the first customer in the drive thru lane and hopefully I will have my choice of lanes!!

GaryRayBetz said...

After a recent visit to the local sporting goods store two of my
children asked if I could drive to the nearby Chik-fil-A as they were hungry, but I recalled Larry Peck's insightful letter to "The Crier" describing that company's semi-surreptitious support of anti-gay organizations and as a result I patronized a different, albeit still local, restaurant.

I have too many good friends and coworkers that are gay or lesbian,
and prior to the development of the current counteractants for an HIV infection, I witnessed too many gay friends and family members that were extirpated by the scourge of AIDS to spend my money at an establishment that wants to suppress their rights or dishonor their memory.

Now I do realize that in all likelihood some homophobe will indicate that as consequence of my dialectic comments, they will order an extra chicken sandwich in order to supplant me withholding my patronage; however, they should be aware that I am from Chicago where overindulgence is an art form and competitive eating, at least in my family, is multi-generational - so, it'll take more than one little chicken sandwich to fill my void!