Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congratulations to the Dunwoody Wildcats!

The results are in, and the High 5 Sports Team of the Week has officially been decided. Congratulations to the Dunwoody Wildcats!

You’re our big winner this week. More than 38,000 votes were tallied in this week’s poll!

Here are the complete results:

Dunwoody Wildcats        56.7%       (21,595 votes)
Cedar Grove Saints       42.5%        (16,189 votes)
Lithia Springs Lions       0.3%          (116 votes)
Norcross Blue Devils     0.2%          (92 votes)
Upson-Lee Knights        0.2%         (72 votes)

High 5 Sports will host a pep rally for the winning school on Thursday, October 21. Watch Good Day Atlanta and check back here on High5Sports.com to see the video and photos!

Thanks for voting, and congrats again, Dunwoody!


BrookRunner said...

we can get thousands of votes for a TV crew to do a 3-minute piece on a football team but less than 20 people to show up for the city's Council meetings

Anon said...

True. But many of these votes came from students and their friends and family across the country.

Thanks John for helping to get the word out!


Also don't forget that a number of people voted multiple times.

For all we know it could have been like less than 20 people.

Bob Fiscella said...

I'm with you BrookRunner. Regardless of how many people voted multiple times, I'll bet the farm a lot more folks voted than show up at a council meeting.

Of course it's a lot easier to vote online, then make the effort to attend a 2-4 hour meeting.

Congrats John for helping the Wildcats win!

knitternall said...

Actually, I have a different take on public attendance at Council meetings. In my mind, this is similar to what's happening in the schools. Parents are so well informed by electronic news, teacher websites, and blogs such as DeKalb SchoolWatch that they don't feel the urgency to attend a parent-teacher general meeting. They feel informed enough.

Similarly, the city's website, John's blog, local media, much-needed gadfly bloggers, and other media make us feel much more informed. We have far more access to the minutiae of city, county, state, school etc. processes than ever before.

So I wouldn't consider lack of personal attendance a symbol of not caring or not being informed. To the contrary, I believe folks are much more informed than ever before.

DunwoodyTalk said...


"gadfly" in a good way, I hope.


I was just playing devil's advocate. I'd have to agree with you, Bob. It was likely more than 20-something people.

Well said, knitterall. Just because someone doesn't show up to a meeting doesn't mean (s)he is not involved in the process.

knitternall said...

Dunwoody Talk ... "gadfly" in a very good way. It may be painful to hear criticism, but it's necessary. Socrates got it right!